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crown (krown)

1. Any structure, normal or pathologic, resembling or suggesting a crown or a wreath. 2. In dentistry, that part of a tooth that is covered with enamel, or an artificial substitute for that part.corona [NA]; [L. corona]
anatomical c. c. of tooth
artificial c. a fixed restoration of the major part of the entire coronal part of a natural tooth; usually of gold, porcelain, or acrylic resin.
bell-shaped c. a c. of a tooth with an exaggerated occlusogingival contour; human deciduous molars typify the bell-shaped c.
ciliary c. corona ciliaris
clinical c. that part of the crown of a tooth visible in the oral cavity.corona clinica [NA];
c. of head corona capitis
jacket c. a hollow c. of acrylic resin, fused porcelain or cast gold, combinations of gold and acrylic or gold and porcelain; it fits over the prepared stump of the natural c.
radiate c. corona radiata
c. of tooth the portion of a tooth covered with enamel.corona dentis [NA] , anatomical c;
c. of Venus papular lesions of secondary syphilis on the forehead near the hair margin. See also collar of Venus.


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