cusp (kusp)

1. In dentistry, a conical elevation arising on the surface of a tooth from an independent calcification center. See also dental tubercle. 2. A leaflet of one of the heart's valves.cuspis [NA]; [L. cuspis, point]
anterior c. of atrioventricular valve the anterior leaflet or valvule of either the tricuspid or mitral valves.cuspis anterior valvae atrioventricularis dextrae/sinistrae [NA];
c. of Carabelli a fifth c. found on the maxillary first molars, usually located lingual to the mesiolingual c.
posterior c. of atrioventricular valve the posterior leaflet of either the tricuspid or mitral valves.cuspis posterior valvae atrioventricularis dextrae/sinistrae [NA];
semilunar c. one of the three semilunar segments serving as the three c.'s of a valve preventing regurgitation at the beginning of the aorta; a similar valve guards the entrance of the pulmonary trunk; the segments are named, respectively, anterior, right, and left in the pulmonary valve, and posterior, right, and left in the aortic valve.
septal c. of tricuspid valve the leaflet of the tricuspid valve located adjacent to the interventricular septum.cuspis septalis valvae atrioventricularis dextrae [NA];
talon c. an anomalous c. that projects lingually from the cingulum of permanent incisors. [Eng. claw, heel, fr. O. Fr., fr. L. talus, ankle]
c. of tooth an elevation or mound on the crown of a tooth making up a part of the occlusal surface.cuspis dentis [NA] , cuspis coronae [NA];


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