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cuticle (kyu´ti-kl)

1. An outer thin layer, usually horny in nature.cuticula (1); 2. The layer, chitinous in some invertebrates, which occurs on the surface of epithelial cells. 3. epidermis [L. cuticula, dim. of cutis, skin]
acquired c. , acquired enamel c. acquired pellicle
dental c. enamel c
enamel c. the primary enamel cuticle, consisting of two extremely thin layers (the inner one clear and structureless, the outer one cellular), covering the entire crown of newly erupted teeth and subsequently abraded by mastication; it is evident microscopically as an amorphous material between the attachment epithelium and the tooth.cuticula dentis [NA] , adamantine membrane, dental c., membrana adamantina, Nasmyth's c., Nasmyth's membrane, skin of teeth;
c. of hair cuticula pili
c. of nail the exposed distal prolongation of the corneal layer of the deep surface of the proximal nail fold (eponychium (2)), seen as a thin "skin" overlapping and adherent to the body of the nail at its proximal portion (the area of the lunula). It is formed as a remnant of the eponychium (1) which otherwise degenerates by the eighth month of pregnancy.
Nasmyth's c. enamel c
posteruption c. acquired pellicle
c. of root sheath cuticula vaginae folliculi pili


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