decussatio , pl. decussationes (de-ku-sa´she-o, -o´nez) [NA]

1. In general, any crossing over or intersection of parts. 2. The intercrossing of two homonymous fiber bundles as each crosses over to the opposite side of the brain in the course of its ascent or descent through the brainstem or spinal cord.decussation; [L. (see decussate)]
d. bra´chii conjuncti´vi decussation of superior cerebellar peduncles
d. fontina´lis See decussationes tegmenti.
d. lemnisco´rum [NA] decussation of medial lemniscus
d. moto´ria [NA] * official alternate term for pyramidal decussation
d. nervo´rum trochlear´ium [NA] decussation of trochlear nerves
d. pedunculo´rum cerebella´rium superio´rum [NA] decussation of superior cerebellar peduncles
d. pyram´idum [NA] pyramidal decussation
d. senso´ria [NA] * official alternate term for decussation of medial lemniscus
decussatio´nes tegmen´ti [NA] tegmental decussations, under decussation


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