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decussation (de-ku-sa´shun)

decussatio [L. decussatio]
d. of brachia conjunctiva d. of superior cerebellar peduncles
dorsal tegmental d. See tegmental d.'s (1).
d. of the fillet d. of medial lemniscus
Forel's d. See tegmental d.'s (2).
fountain d. See tegmental d.'s (1).
Held's d. the crossing of some of the fibers arising from the cochlear nuclei to form the lateral lemniscus.
d. of medial lemniscus the intercrossing of the fibers of the left and right medial lemniscus ascending from the gracile and cuneate nuclei, immediately rostral to the level of the decussation of the pyramidal tracts in the medulla oblongata.decussatio lemniscorum [NA] , decussatio sensoria [NA] , d. of the fillet, sensory d. of medulla oblongata;
Meynert's d. See tegmental d.'s (1).
motor d. pyramidal d
optic d. optic chiasm
pyramidal d. the intercrossing of the bundles of the pyramidal tracts at the lower border region of the medulla oblongata.decussatio pyramidum [NA] , decussatio motoria [NA] , motor d;
rubrospinal d. See tegmental d.'s (2).
sensory d. of medulla oblongata d. of medial lemniscus
d. of superior cerebellar peduncles the decussation of the left and right superior cerebellar peduncles in the tegmentum of the caudal mesencephalon.decussatio pedunculorum cerebellarium superiorum [NA] , decussatio brachii conjunctivi, d. of brachia conjunctiva, Wernekinck's d;
tectospinal d. See tegmental d.'s (1).
tegmental d.'s 1. the dorsal tegmental decussation (fountain or Meynert's decussation, d. fontinalis) of the left and right tectospinal and tectobulbar tracts; 2. the ventral tegmental d. (rubrospinal or Forel's d.) of the left and right rubrospinal and rubrobulbar tracts; both are located in the mesencephalon.decussationes tegmenti [NA];
d. of trochlear nerves the crossing of the two trochlear nerves at their exit through the velum medullare anterius.decussatio nervorum trochlearium [NA];
ventral tegmental d. See tegmental d.'s (2).
Wernekinck's d. d. of superior cerebellar peduncles


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