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delusion (de-lu´zhun)

A false belief or wrong judgment held with conviction despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.paranoid disorder; [L. de-ludo, pp. -lusus, to play false, deceive, fr. ludo, to play]
d. of control , d. of being controlled a d. in which one experiences one's feelings, impulses, thoughts, or actions as not one's own, but as being imposed on by some external force.d. of passivity;
encapsulated d. a d. that usually relates to one specific topic or belief but does not pervade an individual's life or level of functioning.
expansive d. d. of grandeur
d. of grandeur a d. in which one believes oneself possessed of great wealth, intellect, importance, power, etc.expansive d., grandiose d;
grandiose d. d. of grandeur
d. of negation a d. in which one imagines that the world and all that relates to it have ceased to exist.nihilistic d;
nihilistic d. d. of negation
organic d.'s false beliefs experienced in the delirium associated with dementia in conjunction with traumatic injury to the brain, or an organic change in the brain such as in Alzheimer's syndrome, or in cocaine or other drug intoxication.
d. of passivity d. of control
d. of persecution , persecutory d. a false notion that one is being persecuted; characteristic symptom of paranoid schizophrenia.
d. of reference a delusional idea that external events, etc., refer to the self.
somatic d. a d. having reference to a nonexistent lesion or alteration of some organ or part of the body; sometimes indistinguishable from hypochondriasis.
systematized d. a d. that is logically constructed from a false premise and embraces a specific sector of the patient's life.
unsystematized d. one of a group of apparently discrete, disconnected d.'s.


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