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dentistry (den´tis-tre)

The healing science and art concerned with the embryology, anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the oral-facial complex, and with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of deformities, pathoses, and traumatic injuries thereof.odontology, odontonosology;
community d. public health d., with an academic base, emphasizing the professional obligation to foster the delivery of prevention, education, and care to populations.
esthetic d. a field of d. concerned especially with the appearance of a dental restoration as achieved through its form and color.
forensic d. 1. the relation and application of dental facts to legal problems, as in using the teeth for identifying the dead; 2. the law in its bearing on the practice of jurisprudence, forensic odontology, legal d;
legal d. forensic d
operative d. usually, the individual restoration of teeth by means of metallic or nonmetallic materials.restorative d;
pediatric d. pedodontics
preventive d. a philosophy and method of dental practice which seeks to prevent the initiation, progression, and recurrence of dental caries.
prosthetic d. prosthodontics
public health d. that specialty of d. concerned with the prevention and control of dental diseases and promotion of oral health through organized community efforts.
restorative d. operative d


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