denture (den´tyur)

1. An artificial substitute for missing natural teeth and adjacent tissues.artificial dentition; 2. Sometimes used to denote the dentition of animals.
bar joint d. overlay d
complete d. a dental prosthesis which is a substitute for the lost natural dentition and associated structures of the maxillae or mandible.full d;
design d. a planned visualization of the form and extent of a dental prosthesis, made after a study of all factors involved.
fixed partial d. a restoration of one or more missing teeth which cannot be readily removed by the patient or dentist; it is permanently attached to natural teeth or roots which furnish the primary support to the appliance.bridge (3);
full d. complete d
immediate d. a complete or partial d. constructed for insertion immediately following the removal of natural teeth.immediate insertion d;
immediate insertion d. immediate d
implant d. a d. that receives its stability and retention from a substructure which is partially or wholly implanted under the soft tissues of the d. basal seat. See also implant denture substructure, implant denture superstructure, subperiosteal implant.
interim d. a dental prosthesis to be used for a short interval of time for reasons of esthetics, mastication, occlusal support, or convenience, or to condition the patient to accept an artificial substitute for missing natural teeth until more definite prosthetic dental treatment can be provided.provisional d., temporary d;
overlay d. a complete d. that is supported by both soft tissue and natural teeth that have been altered so as to permit the d. to fit over them. The altered teeth may have been fitted with short or long copings, locking devices, or connecting joint d., hybrid prosthesis, overdenture, telescopic d;
partial d. a dental prosthesis which restores one or more, but less than all, of the natural teeth and/or associated parts and which is supported by the teeth and/or the mucosa; it may be removable or fixed.bridgework;
partial d., distal extension a removable partial d. that is retained by natural teeth at one end of the d. base segments only, and in which a portion of the functional load is carried by the residual ridge.
provisional d. interim d
removable partial d. a partial d. which supplies teeth and associated structures on a partially edentulous jaw, and which can be readily removed from the mouth.removable bridge;
telescopic d. overlay d
temporary d. interim d
transitional d. a partial d. which is to serve as a temporary prosthesis to which teeth will be added as more teeth are lost, and which will be replaced after postextraction tissue changes have occurred; a transitional d. may become an interim d. when all of the teeth have been removed from the dental arch.
treatment d. a dental prosthesis used for the purpose of treating or conditioning the tissues which are called upon to support and retain a denture base.
trial d. a setup of artificial teeth so fabricated that it may be placed in the patient's mouth to verify esthetics, for the making of records, or for any other operation deemed necessary before final completion of the d.wax model d;
wax model d. trial d


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