determinant (de-ter´mi-nant)

The factor that contributes to the generation of a trait. [L. determans, determining, limiting]
allotypic d.'s antigenic d.'s of allotypes.
antigenic d. the particular chemical group of a molecule that determines immunological specificity.determinant group;
disease d.'s any variables that directly or indirectly influence the frequency of occurrence and/or the distribution of any given disease; they include specific disease agents, host characteristics, and environmental factors.
genetic d. any antigenic d. or identifying characteristic, particularly those of allotypes.genetic marker;
idiotypic antigenic d. idiotype
isoallotypic d.'s genetic d.'s that are both isotypic and allotypic in that they appear in all members of at least one subclass of immunoglobulin but only in some members of another subclass of the same species.
mathematical d. a formal algebraic operation on the terms of a square matrix of quantities, fundamental in solving multiple simultaneous equations and widely used in regression analysis, notably in epidemiology and quantitative genetics. If d. is zero, the equations have no unambiguous solution.


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