determination (de-ter-mi-na´shun)

1. A change, for the better or for the worse, in the course of a disease. 2. A general move toward a given point. 3. The measurement or estimation of any quantity or quality in scientific or laboratory investigation. 4. Discernment of a state or category (e.g., in diagnosis). 5. A process, both necessary and sufficient, whereby an effect is caused. [L. de-termino, pp. -atus, to limit, determine, fr. terminus, a boundary]
cell d. the process by which embryonic cells, previously undifferentiated, take on a specific developmental character. See morphogenesis, induction, evocator.Although the mechanism is not fully understood, homeotic proteins coded for by certain gene sequences (the homeobox) appear to trigger the process. Genes for homeotic proteins show remarkable similarity among species.
sex d. d. of the sex of a fetus in utero by identification of fetal chromosomes.


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