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device (de-vIs´)

An appliance, usually mechanical, designed to perform a specific function, such as prosthesis or orthesis. [M.E., fr. O. Fr. devis, fr. L. divisum, divided]
central-bearing d. in dentistry, a d. which provides a central point of bearing, or support, between upper and lower record bases; it consists of a contacting point which is attached to one base and a plate attached to the other which provides the surface on which the bearing point rests or moves.
central-bearing tracing d. in dentistry, a central-bearing d. used for making a tracing and/or for support between upper and lower bases.
contraceptive d. a d. used to prevent pregnancy; e.g., occlusive diaphragm, condom, intrauterine d.
intra-aortic d. an externally and intermittently inflatable balloon placed into the descending aorta and which, on activation during diastole, augments blood pressure and organ perfusion by its pulsatile thrust; then, on deflation, decreases the cardiac work with each systole-the so-called counterpulsation principle-by reducing cardiac afterload.
intrauterine contraceptive d.'s (IUCD) intrauterine d.'s
intrauterine d.'s (IUD) pieces of plastic or metal of various shapes (e.g., coil, loop, bow) inserted into the uterus to exert a contraceptive effect.intrauterine contraceptive d.'s;
left-ventricular assist d. mechanical pump inserted at some point in the circulation to parallel the activity of the left ventricle and thereby reduce its load.
ventricular assist d. a d. that supports or replaces the function of a ventricle (LVAD or RVAD indicates which ventricle). The patient's heart remains in place when this device or system is used. The device is used in patients with potentially salvageable myocardium, where centrifugal or pneumatic devices can be placed in either heterotopic or orthotopic positions (the latter is termed a total artificial heart). The function of either the left, right, or both ventricles can thus be supported for days to weeks. Either recovery of heart function or need for transplantation then becomes apparent.


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