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diagnosis (dI-ag-no´sis)

The determination of the nature of a disease.diacrisis; [G. diagnosis, a deciding]
antenatal d. prenatal d
clinical d. a d. made from a study of the signs and symptoms of a disease.
differential d. the determination of which of two or more diseases with similar symptoms is the one from which the patient is suffering, by a systematic comparison and contrasting of the clinical findings.differentiation (2);
d. by exclusion a d. made by excluding those diseases to which only some of the patient's symptoms might belong, leaving one disease as the most likely d., although no definitive tests or findings establish that d.
laboratory d. a d. made by a chemical, microscopic, microbiologic, immunologic, or pathologic study of secretions, discharges, blood, or tissue.
neonatal d. systematic evaluation of the newborn for evidence of disease or malformations, and the conclusion reached.
pathologic d. a d., sometimes postmortem, made from an anatomic and/or histologic study of the lesions present.
physical d. a d. made by means of physical examination of the patient, or the process of a physical examination.
prenatal d. d. utilizing procedures available for the recognition of diseases and malformations in utero, and the conclusion reached.antenatal d;


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