diaphragm (dI´a-fram)

1. The musculomembranous partition between the abdominal and thoracic cavities.diaphragma (2) [NA] , interseptum, midriff, phren (1); 2. A thin disk pierced with an opening, used in a microscope, camera, or other optical instrument in order to shut out the marginal rays of light, thus giving a more direct illumination. 3. A flexible ring covered with a dome-shaped sheet of elastic material used in the vagina to prevent pregnancy. 4. In radiography, a grid (2). [G. diaphragma]
aperture d. a metal device that limits the area of the beam emerging from an x-ray tube.
Bucky d. in radiography, a d. with a moving grid that avoids grid shadows.Potter-Bucky d;
pelvic d. , d. of pelvis the paired levator ani and coccygeus muscles together with the fascia above and below them.diaphragma pelvis [NA];
Potter-Bucky d. Bucky d
d. of sella a fold of dura mater extending transversely across the sella turcica and roofing over the hypophyseal fossa; it is perforated in its center for the passage of the infundibulum.diaphragma sellae [NA] , d. sellae, tentorium of hypophysis;
d. sellae d. of sella
urogenital d. a triangular sheet of muscle between the ischiopubic rami; composed of the sphincter urethrae, and the deep transverse perineal muscles.diaphragma urogenitale [NA];


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