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digestion (di-jes´chun, dI-)

1. The process of making a digest. 2. The mechanical, chemical, and enzymatic process whereby ingested food is converted into material suitable for assimilation for synthesis of tissues or liberation of energy. [L. digestio. See digest]
buccal d. that part of d. carried on in the mouth; e.g., the action of salivary amylases.
duodenal d. that part of d. carried on in the duodenum.
gastric d. that part of d., chiefly of the proteins, carried on in the stomach by the enzymes of the gastric juice.peptic d;
intercellular d. d. in a cavity by means of secretions from the surrounding cells, such as occurs in the metazoa.
intestinal d. that part of d. carried on in the intestine; it affects all the foodstuffs: starches, fats, and proteins.
intracellular d. d. within the boundaries of a cell, such as occurs in the protozoa and in phagocytes.
pancreatic d. d. in the intestine by the enzymes of the pancreatic juice.
peptic d. gastric d
primary d. d. in the alimentary tract.
salivary d. the conversion of starch into sugar by the action of salivary amylase.
secondary d. the change in the chyle effected by the action of the cells of the body, whereby the final products of d. are assimilated in the process of metabolism.


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