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dilator (dI´la-ter)

1. An instrument designed for enlarging a hollow structure or opening. 2. A muscle that pulls open an orifice. 3. A substance that causes dilation or enlargement of an opening or the lumen of a hollow structure.dilatator;
Chevalier-Jackson d. an esophageal dilator that passes through a rigid endoscope.
Goodell's d. obsolete term for a uterine d. used for dilating the cervix.
Hanks d.'s uterine d.'s of solid metal construction.
Hegar's d.'s a series of cylindrical bougies of graduated sizes used to dilate the cervical canal.
hydrostatic d. an instrument for dilating esophageal strictures; fluid pressure is delivered into a flexible area of the instrument placed in the stricture to establish a uniform dilating pressure.
d. ir´idis dilator pupillae muscle
Kollmann's d. a metallic expandable instrument used to dilate urethral strictures.
Plummer's d. an instrument for dilating the lower end of the esophagus in cardiospasm; it consists of a rubber tube with a perforated metal tip, and a dilatable elongated balloon near its lower end; in difficult cases the tube is threaded along a guiding thread swallowed by the patient.
Pratt d.'s cylindrical metal rods of graduated sizes used to dilate the cervical canal.
d. of pupil dilator pupillae muscle
d. tu´bae tensor veli palati muscle
Walther's d. a gently curved instrument that tapers to an increased diameter, used to dilate the female urethra.


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