dislocation (dis-lo-ka´shun)

Displacement of an organ or any part; specifically a disturbance or disarrangement of the normal relation of the bones entering into the formation of a joint.dislocatio, luxation (1); [L. dislocatio, fr. dis-, apart, + locatio, a placing]
d. of articular processes complete d. of one or both articular processes, usually with overriding of the inferior articular process of the vertebra above into a position anterior to the superior articular process of the vertebra below.locked facets;
closed d. a d. not complicated by an external wound.simple d;
compound d. open d
fracture d. dislocation associated with or accompanied by a fracture.
Kienböck's d. d. of semilunar bone.
Nélaton's d. wedging of the astragalus between the widely separated tibia and fibula, usually complicated with fracture.
open d. a d. complicated by a wound opening from the surface down to the affected joint.compound d;
perilunar d. d. of carpal bones around the lunate, which remains in relation to the radius; distinguish from d. of lunate, Kienböck's d.
simple d. closed d


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