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division (di-vizh´un)

A separating into two or more parts.
anterior primary d. ventral primary ramus of spinal nerve
cleavage d. the rapid mitotic d. of the zygote with decrease in size of individual cells or blastomeres and the formation of a morula. See also cleavage (1).
conjugate d. simultaneous d. of haploid nuclei, as in Basidiomycota.
direct nuclear d. amitosis
equatorial d. nuclear d. in which each chromosome divides equally.
indirect nuclear d. mitosis
meiotic d. meiosis
mitotic d. mitosis
multiplicative d. reproduction by simultaneous d. of a mother cell into a number of daughter cells. If the process occurs without fertilization of the mother cell, or encystment, the daughter cells are called merozoites; if they develop within a cyst, and usually after fertilization, they are called sporozoites.
posterior primary d. dorsal primary ramus of spinal nerve
reduction d. See reduction of chromosomes.
Remak's nuclear d. amitosis


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