dorsum , gen. dorsi , pl. dorsa (dor´sum, -sI, -sa) [NA]

1. The back of the body. 2. The upper or posterior surface, or the back, of any part.tergum; [L. back]
d. ephip´pii d. sellae
d. of foot the back, or upper surface, of the foot.d. pedis [NA];
d. lin´guae [NA] d. of tongue
d. ma´nus [NA] dorsum of hand
d. na´si [NA] d. of nose
d. of nose the external ridge of the nose, looking forward and upward.d. nasi [NA];
d. pe´dis [NA] d. of foot
d. of penis the aspect of the penis opposite to that of the urethra.d. penis [NA];
d. pe´nis [NA] d. of penis
d. scap´ulae the posterior surface of the scapula.
d. sel´lae [NA] a square portion of bone on the body of the sphenoid posterior to the sella turcica or hypophysial fossa.d. ephippii;
d. of tongue the back of the tongue; the upper surface of the tongue divided by the sulcus terminalis into an anterior two-thirds, the pars presulcalis (presulcal part), and a posterior one-third, the pars postsulcalis (postsulcal part).d. linguae [NA];


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