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drainage (dran´ij)

Continuous withdrawal of fluids from a wound or other cavity.
capillary d. d. by means of a wick of gauze or other material.
closed d. d. of a body cavity via a water- or air-tight system.
dependent d. d. from the lowest part and into a receptacle at a level lower than the structure being drained.downward d;
downward d. dependent d
infusion-aspiration d. a type of d. in which antibiotics are continuously infused into a cavity at the same time fluid is being drained (aspirated) from the cavity.drip-suck irrigation;
open d. d. allowing air to enter.
postural d. d. used in bronchiectasis and lung abscess. The patient's body is positioned so that the trachea is inclined downward and below the affected chest area.
suction d. closed drainage of a cavity, with a suction apparatus attached to the drainage tube.
through d. d. obtained by the passage of a perforated tube, open at both extremities, through a cavity; in addition, the cavity can be washed out by a solution passed through the tube.
tidal d. d. of the urinary bladder by means of an intermittent filling and emptying apparatus.
Wangensteen d. continuous d. by suction through an indwelling gastric or duodenal tube.


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