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drusen (dru´sen)

Small bright structures seen in the retina and in the optic disc. [Ger. pl. of druse, stony nodule, geode]
giant d. obsolete term for a glial hamartoma of the optic nerve head or the peripapillary retina, seen in tuberous sclerosis.
intrapapillary d. d. of the optic nerve head
d. of the macula excrescences of Bruch's membrane that produce a window in the retinal pigment epithelium and are a feature of age-related macular retinal degeneration.macular d;
macular d. d. of the macula
optic nerve d. basophilic, calcareous, laminated acellular bodies within the optic nerve anterior to the scleral lamina cribrosa.
d. of the optic nerve head basophilic, laminated, calcareous acellular masses that resemble crystals within the nerve head, anterior to the lamina cribrosa, that may simulate papilledema and/or cause visual field defects.intrapapillary d;


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