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ductus , gen and pl. ductus (duk´tus) [NA]

duct [L. a leading, fr. duco, pp. ductus, to lead]
d. aber´rantes aberrant ductules, under ductule
d. arterio´sus [NA] a fetal vessel connecting the left pulmonary artery with the descending aorta; in the first two months after birth, it normally changes into a fibrous cord, the ligamentum arteriosum; occasional postnatal failure to close causes a surgically correctable cardiovascular handicap.arterial canal, arterial duct, Botallo's duct;
d. bilif´eri biliary ductules, under ductule
d. carot´icus a portion of the embryonic dorsal aorta between points of juncture with the third and fourth arch arteries; it disappears early in development.carotid duct;
d. choled´ochus [NA] common bile duct
d. cochlea´ris [NA] cochlear duct
d. cys´ticus [NA] cystic duct
d. def´erens [NA] the secretory duct of the testicle, running from the epididymis, of which it is the continuation, to the prostatic urethra where it terminates as the ejaculatory duct.deferent canal, deferent duct, spermatic duct, spermiduct (1) , testicular duct, vas deferens;
d. def´erens vestigia´lis longitudinal duct of epoöphoron
d. dorsopancreat´icus accessory pancreatic duct
d. ejaculato´rius [NA] ejaculatory duct
d. endolymphat´icus [NA] endolymphatic duct
d. epididym´idis [NA] duct of epididymis
d. epoöph´ori longitudina´lis [NA] longitudinal duct of epoöphoron See also epoöphoron.
d. excreto´rius excretory duct
d. excreto´rius vesic´ulae semina´lis [NA] excretory duct of seminal vesicle
d. glan´dulae bulbourethra´lis [NA] duct of bulbourethral gland
d. hemithorac´icus hemithoracic duct
d. hepat´icus commu´nis [NA] common hepatic duct
d. hepat´icus dex´ter [NA] right hepatic duct
d. hepat´icus sinis´ter [NA] left hepatic duct
d. incisi´vus [NA] incisive duct
d. lactif´eri [NA] lactiferous ducts, under duct
d. lingua´lis a pit on the upper surface of the tongue at the apex of the sulcus terminalis; it marks the point of origin of the d. thyroglossus of the embryo; known more commonly as the foramen cecum.
d. lo´bi cauda´ti dex´ter [NA] right duct of caudate lobe
d. lo´bi cauda´ti sinis´ter [NA] left duct of caudate lobe
d. lymphat´icus dex´ter [NA] right lymphatic duct
d. mesoneph´ricus [NA] mesonephric duct See also longitudinal duct of epoöphoron.
d. nasolacrima´lis [NA] nasolacrimal duct
d. pancreat´icus [NA] pancreatic duct
d. pancreat´icus accesso´rius [NA] accessory pancreatic duct
d. paramesoneph´ricus [NA] paramesonephric duct
d. paraurethra´les [NA] paraurethral ducts, under duct
d. parotid´eus [NA] parotid duct
patent d. arterio´sus See d. arteriosus.
d. perilymphat´icus [NA] perilymphatic duct
d. pharyngobranchia´lis III a narrow communication between the third branchial pouch and the pharynx in the embryo.
d. pharyngobranchia´lis IV a narrow communication between the fourth branchial pouch and the pharynx in the embryo.
d. prostat´ici prostatic ductules, under ductule
d. reun´iens [NA] uniting duct
d. semicircula´res [NA] semicircular ducts, under duct
d. sublingua´les mino´res [NA] minor sublingual ducts, under duct
d. sublingua´lis ma´jor [NA] major sublingual duct
d. submandibula´ris [NA] submandibular duct
d. submaxilla´ris submandibular duct
d. sudorif´erus duct of sweat glands
d. thorac´icus [NA] thoracic duct
d. thorac´icus dex´ter [NA] right lymphatic duct
d. thyroglos´sus thyroglossal duct
d. utric´ulosaccula´ris [NA] utriculosaccular duct
d. veno´sus [NA] in the fetus, continuation of the left umbilical vein through the liver to the vena cava inferior; after birth, its lumen becomes obliterated, forming the ligamentum venosum.
d. veno´sus aran´tii rarely used term for d. venosus.


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