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dysfunction (dis-funk´shun)

Difficult or abnormal function.
constitutional hepatic d. familial nonhemolytic jaundice
dental d. abnormal functioning of dental structures.
Le Fort III craniofacial d. craniofacial dysjunction fracture
minimal brain d. See attention deficit disorder.
papillary muscle d. impaired function of a papillary muscle, usually due to ischemia or infarction, with resulting incompetence of the mitral valve.papillary muscle syndrome;
phagocyte d. (fa´go-sIt) disorder in which the ability of the phagocyte to engulf and ingest particles may be impaired.
placental d. dysmature (3)
psychosexual d. , sexual d. a disturbance of sexual functioning, e.g., impotence, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, presumed to be of psychological rather than physical etiology.
sphincter of Oddi d. structural or functional abnormality of the sphincter of Oddi that interferes with bile drainage.biliary dyskinesia;
temporomandibular joint d. (TMD, TMJ) chronic or impaired function of the temporomandibular articulation. See temporomandibular arthrosis, myofacial pain-dysfunction syndrome.


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