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elbow (el´bo)

1. The joint between the arm and the forearm.cubitus (1) [NA], ancon; 2. An angular body resembling a flexed e. [A.S. elnboga]
capped e. shoe boil
Little Leaguer's e. an epicondylitis of the medial epicondyle at the origin of the flexor muscles of the forearm; related to throwing and usually seen in children or adolescents.
miner's e. inflammation with fluid distention of the olecranon bursa.
nursemaid's e. longitudinal subluxation of the radial head from the annular ligament.Malgaigne's luxation;
tennis e. chronic inflammation at the origin of the extensor muscles of the forearm from the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, as a result of unusual strain (not necessarily from playing tennis).epicondylalgia externa, lateral humeral epicondylitis;


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