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eminence (em´i-nens)

A circumscribed area raised above the general level of the surrounding surface, particularly on a bone surface.eminentia [NA]; [L. eminentia]
abducens e. facial colliculus
arcuate e. a prominence on the anterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone indicating the position of the superior semicircular canal.eminentia arcuata [NA];
articular e. of temporal bone articular tubercle of temporal bone
canine e. an elevation on the maxilla corresponding to the socket of the canine tooth.canine prominence;
collateral e. a longitudinal elevation of the floor of the collateral trigone of the lateral ventricle of the brain, between the hippocampus and the calcar avis, caused by the proximity of the floor of the collateral fissure.eminentia collateralis [NA];
e. of concha the prominence on the cranial surface of the auricle corresponding to the concha.eminentia conchae [NA], apophysis conchae;
cruciate e. cruciform e
cruciform e. bony cross-like elevation on the internal aspect of the squamous portion of the occipital bone formed by the intersection of the groove for the transverse sinuses and the internal occipital crest, with the internal occipital protuberance at the center of the "cross."eminentia cruciformis [NA], cruciate e;
deltoid e. deltoid tuberosity
Doyère's e. the slightly elevated area of the striated muscle fiber's surface that corresponds to the site of the motor endplate.
facial e. facial colliculus
forebrain e. frontonasal prominence
frontal e. the most prominent portion of the frontal bone on either side.tuber frontale [NA], eminentia frontalis [NA], frontal tuber;
genital e. in very young embryos, the vaguely outlined median elevation immediately cephalic to the proctodeum; its central part develops into the genital tubercle.
hypobranchial e. a median elevation in the floor of the embryonic pharynx caudal to the tuberculum impar; it merges laterally with the ventral part of the second and third branchial arches, and in later development is incorporated in the root of the tongue.copula linguae, His' copula;
hypoglossal e. hypoglossal trigone
hypothenar e. the fleshy mass at the medial side of the palm.eminentia hypothena´ris, antithenar, hypothenar prominence, hypothenar (1);
ileocecal e. ileocecal valve
iliopectineal e. iliopubic e
iliopubic e. a rounded elevation on the superior surface of the hip bone at the junction of the ilium and the superior ramus of the pubis.eminentia iliopubica [NA], iliopectineal e;
intercondylar e. , intercondyloid e. an elevation on the proximal extremity of the tibia between the two articular surfaces.eminentia intercondylaris [NA], eminentia intercondyloidea, spinous process of tibia;
maxillary e. maxillary tuberosity
medial e. longitudinal elevation of the rhomboid fossa, extending along either side of the midline throughout the length of the rhombencephalon; made up of named elevations such as the facial colliculus and the hypoglossal and vagal trigones.eminentia medialis [NA], eminentia teres, funiculus teres, round e;
median e. the slightly prominent lower segment of the infundibulum of the hypothalamus, immediately proximal to the hypophysial stalk; the region is characterized by the capillary tufts of the infundibular arteries, from which the hypothalamohypophysial portal system of veins arises.eminentia mediana;
olivary e. oliva
orbital e. of zygomatic bone orbital tubercle of zygomatic bone
parietal e. a prominent portion of the parietal bone, a little above the center of its external surface, usually corresponding to the point of maximum width of the head.tuber parietale [NA], eminentia parietalis, parietal tuber;
pyramidal e. eminentia pyramidalis
radial e. of wrist a rather large flat e. on the radial side of the palmar aspect of the wrist, due to the tuberosity of scaphoid and the ridge on the trapezium.eminentia carpi radialis;
restiform e. a prominence of the dorsolateral surface of the medulla oblongata corresponding to the larger lateral part of the inferior cerebellar peduncle.eminentia restiformis;
round e. medial e
e. of scapha the prominence on the cranial surface of the auricle corresponding to the scapha.eminentia scaphae [NA];
thenar e. the fleshy mass on the lateral side of the palm; the radial palm; the ball of the thumb.eminentia thena´ris, thenar prominence, thenar (1);
thyroid e. laryngeal prominence
e. of triangular fossa of auricle the prominence on the cranial surface of the auricle corresponding to the triangular fossa.eminentia fossae triangularis auricularis [NA], agger perpendicularis, eminentia triangularis;
ulnar e. of wrist an e. smaller than the radial, on the ulnar side of the palmar aspect of the wrist, due to presence of the pisiform bone.eminentia carpi ulnaris;


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