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eminentia, pl. eminentiae (em-i-nen´she-a, -she-e) [NA]

eminence [L. prominence, fr. e-mineo, to stand out, project]
e. abducen´tis facial colliculus
e. arcua´ta [NA] arcuate eminence
e. articula´ris os´sis tempora´lis articular tubercle of temporal bone
e. car´pi radia´lis radial eminence of wrist
e. car´pi ulna´ris ulnar eminence of wrist
e. collatera´lis [NA] collateral eminence
e. con´chae [NA] eminence of concha
e. crucifor´mis [NA] cruciform eminence
e. facia´lis facial colliculus
e. fos´sae triangula´ris auricula´ris [NA] eminence of triangular fossa of auricle
e. fronta´lis [NA] * official alternate term for frontal eminence, frontal eminence
e. hypoglos´si hypoglossal trigone
e. hypothena´ris * official alternate term for hypothenar eminence
e. iliopu´bica [NA] iliopubic eminence
e. intercondyla´ris [NA] intercondylar eminence
e. intercondyloid´ea intercondylar eminence
e. maxil´lae [NA] * official alternate term for maxillary tuberosity, maxillary tuberosity
e. media´lis [NA] medial eminence
e. media´na median eminence
e. orbita´lis os´sis zygoma´tici [NA] orbital tubercle of zygomatic bone
e. parieta´lis parietal eminence
e. pyramida´lis [NA] a conical projection posterior to the vestibular window in the middle ear; it is hollow and contains the stapedius muscle.pyramid of tympanum, pyramidal eminence, pyramis tympani;
e. restifor´mis restiform eminence
e. sca´phae [NA] eminence of scapha
e. sym´physis mental tubercle
e. te´res medial eminence
e. thena´ris * official alternate term for thenar eminence
e. triangula´ris eminence of triangular fossa of auricle
va´gi e. vagal trigone


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