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enamel (e-nam´el)

The hard glistening substance covering the exposed portion of the tooth. In its mature form, it is composed of an inorganic portion made up of 90% hydroxyapatite and 6-8% calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, and magnesium carbonate, the remainder comprising an organic matrix of protein and glycoprotein; structurally, it is made up of oriented rods each of which consists of a stack of rodlets encased in an organic prism sheath.enamelum [NA], substantia adamantina, substantia vitrea; [M.E., fr. Fr. enamailer, to apply enamel, fr. en, on, + amail, enamel, fr. Germanic]
dwarfed e. nanoid e
mottled e. alterations in e. structure due to excessive fluoride ingestion during tooth formation; varies in appearance from small white opacities to yellow and black spotting.
nanoid e. a condition of abnormal thinness of the e.dwarfed e;
whorled e. e. in which the rods assume a spiral or twisting course.


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