enema (en´e-ma)

A rectal injection for clearing out the bowel, or administering drugs or food. [G.]
air contrast e. a double contrast e. in which air is introduced after coating of the colon with a dense barium suspension for radiographic study.air contrast barium e;
air contrast barium e. air contrast e
analeptic e. an e. of a pint of lukewarm water with one-half teaspoonful of table salt.
barium e. a type of contrast enema; administration of barium, a radiopaque medium, for radiographic and fluoroscopic study of the lower intestinal tract.
blind e. the introduction into the rectum of a rubber tube to facilitate the expulsion of flatus.
contrast e. e. using barium or another contrast medium.
double contrast e. after evacuation of a barium e. and injection of air into the rectum, radiographs show fine details of mucosa of the rectum and colon.
flatus e. an e. of magnesium sulfate in glycerin and warm water.
high e. an e. instilled high up into the colon.enteroclysis (1);
Hypaque e. e. with water-soluble radiographic contrast material, whether diatrizoate or other.
nutrient e. a rectal injection of predigested food.
oil retention e. a rectal injection of mineral oil, introduced at low pressure and retained for several hours before expelling, to soften feces.
small bowel e. radiographic examination of the small intestine, by retrograde filling from the contrast-filled large bowel.
soapsuds e. an e. of shredded or powdered soap in warm water.
turpentine e. an e. of turpentine and olive oil in soapsuds.


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