energy (en´er-je)

The exertion of power; the capacity to do work, taking the forms of kinetic e., potential e., chemical e., electrical e., etc.dynamic force; [G. energeia, fr. en, in, + ergon, work]
e. of activation e. that must be added to that already possessed by a molecule or molecules in order to initiate a reaction; usually expressed in the Arrhenius equation relating a rate constant to absolute temperature.
binding e. e. that would be released if a particular atomic nucleus were formed through the combination of individual protons and neutrons.fusion e;
chemical e. e. liberated or absorbed by a chemical reaction, e.g., oxidation of carbon, or absorbed in the formation of a chemical compound.
free e. (F) a thermodynamic function symbolized as F, or G (Gibbs free e.), =H - TS, where H is the enthalpy of a system, T the absolute temperature, and S the entropy; chemical reactions proceed spontaneously in the direction that involves a net decrease in the free e. of the system (i.e., DELTAG < 0).
fusion e. binding e
Gibbs e. of activation the Gibbs e. that must be added to that already possessed by a molecule or molecules in order to initiate a reaction.
Gibbs free e. (G) See free e.
Helmholtz e. (A) e. equivalent to the internal energy minus the entropy contribution (TS).
internal e. (U) e. of a system measured by the heat absorbed from the system's surroundings and the amount of work done on the system by its surroundings.
kinetic e. the e. of motion.
latent e. potential e
nuclear e. e. given off in the course of nuclear reaction or stored in the formation of an atomic nucleus.
nutritional e. trophodynamics
e. of position potential e
potential e. the e., existing in a body by virtue of its position or state of existence, which is not being exerted at the time.e. of position, latent e;
psychic e. in psychoanalysis, a hypothetical mental force, analogous to the physical concept of e., which enables and vitalizes an individual's psychological activity. See also libido.psychic force;
radiant e. e. contained in light rays or any other form of radiation.
solar e. e. derived from sunlight.
total e. the sum of kinetic and potential e.'s.


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