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enhancement (en-hans´ment)

1. The act of augmenting. 2. In immunology, the prolongation of a process or event by suppressing an opposing process.
acoustic e. a manifestation of increased acoustic signal amplitude returning from regions beyond an object which causes little or no attenuation of the sound beam. Cf. acoustic shadow.
contrast e. the intravenous administration of water-soluble iodinated contrast material, which increases the CT number of the vascular pool, as well as some lesions (particularly in the brain), due to abnormal leakage into the interstitium; the property of showing increased radiopacity from concentration of contrast medium.
edge e. using analogue or digital image processing to increase the contrast of each interface; equivalent to using a high-pass filter.
immunological e. immunoenhancement
ring e. in computed tomography, when a bright circle appears on an image made after injection of contrast medium, characteristic of localization of the contrast in the wall of an abscess.


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