epididymis, gen. epididymidis, pl. epididymides (ep-i-did´i-mis, -di-dim´i-dis, -di-dim´i-dez) [NA]

An elongated structure connected to the posterior surface of the testis, consisting of the head of the epididymis, body of epididymis, and tail of epididymis, which turns sharply upon itself to become the ductus deferens; the main component is the very convoluted duct of the epididymis which in the tail and the beginning of the ductus deferens is a reservoir for spermatozoa. The e. transports, stores, and matures spermatozoa between testis and ductus deferens (vas deferens).parorchis; [Mod. L. fr. G. epididymis, fr. epi, on, + didymos, twin, in pl. testes]
ca´put e. head of epididymis
cau´da e. tail of epididymis
cor´pus e. body of e.


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