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expression (eks-presh´un)

1. Squeezing out; expelling by pressure. 2. Mobility of the features giving a particular emotional significance to the face.facies (3); 3. Any act by an individual. 4. Something that manifests something else.
differential gene e. gene e. that responds to signals or triggers; a means of gene regulation; e.g., effects of certain hormones on protein biosynthesis.
gene e. 1. the detectable effect of a gene. 2. appearance of an inherited trait; for many reasons genetic (e.g., recessiveness, hypostasis, parastasis) and environmental (the absence of pertinent challenges), a gene may not be expressed at all. In those circumstances, it will have no impact on Darwinian evolution.
integrated rate e. an equation of a chemical or enzyme-catalyzed reaction for the entire progress curve.
e. library a collection of plasmid or phage containing a representative sample of cDNA or genomic fragments that are constructed in such a way that they will be transcribed and translated by the host organism (usually bacteria).


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