exstrophy (ek´stro-fe)

Congenital eversion of a hollow organ.ecstrophe; [G. ex, out, + strophe, a turning]
e. of the bladder a congenital gap in the anterior wall of the bladder and the abdominal wall in front of it, the posterior wall of the bladder being exposed.ectopia vesicae;
e. of the cloaca a developmental anomaly in which an area of intestinal mucosa is interposed between two separate areas of the urinary bladder.ectopia cloacae;
cloacal e. congenital anomaly with two exstrophied bladder units separated by an exstrophied segment of intestine, which is usually cecum, receiving ileum superiorly and continuing distally to blend microcolon. A number of variants of anatomic disarray can occur.


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