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extraction (ek-strak´shun)

1. Luxation and removal of a tooth from its alveolus. 2. Partitioning of material (solute) into a solvent. 3. The active portion of a drug; the making of an extract. 4. Surgical removal by pulling out. 5. Removal of the fetus from the uterus or vagina at or near the end of pregnancy, either manually or with instruments. 6. Removal by suction of the product of conception before a menstrual period has been missed. [L. ex-traho, pp. -tractus, to draw out]
Baker's pyridine e. hot pyridine treatment of tissues fixed in dilute Bouin's fixative, used to extract phospholipids from tissues as a control in the histochemical staining of this material.
breech e. obstetrical e. of the baby by the buttocks.
partial breech e. assisted breech delivery by the obstetrician with spontaneous delivery of the fetus to the level of the umbilicus.
podalic e. obstetrical e. of the baby by the feet.
serial e. the selective e. of certain deciduous or permanent teeth, or both, during the early years of dental development, usually with the eventual e. of the first, or occasionally the second, premolars, to encourage autonomous adjustment of moderate to severe crowding of anterior teeth; it may or may not require subsequent orthodontic treatment.
spontaneous breech e. delivery of a fetus in the breech presentation without e. by the obstetrician.
total breech e. delivery of a fetus in breech presentation with complete e. of the entire fetal body from the uterus.


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