family (fam´I-le)

1. A group of two or more persons united by blood, adoptive or marital ties, or the common law equivalent. 2. In biologic classification a taxonomic grouping at the level intermediate between the order and the tribe or genus. [L. familia]
alu f. a set of dispersed sequences in the human genome having Alu cleavage sites at each end.
alu-equivalent f. a set of sequences in a mammalian genome that is related to the human Alu f.
cancer f. a group of blood relatives of whom several have had cancer; the mode of aggregation may be genetic and homogeneous, as in familial polyposis of the colon; diverse as in neurofibromatosis; or due to common exposure to a carcinogenic or oncogenic agent, such as a virus.
extended f. a group of persons comprising members of several generations united by blood, adoptive, marital or equivalent ties.
nuclear f. in genetics, two parents and their progeny in common.


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