fascia , fascias, pl. fasciae fascias (fash´e-a, -e-e) [NA]

A sheet of fibrous tissue that envelops the body beneath the skin; it also encloses muscles and groups of muscles, and separates their several layers or groups. [L. a band or fillet]
Abernethy's f. a layer of subperitoneal areolar tissue in front of the external iliac artery. See iliac f.
f. adhe´rens a broad intercellular junction in the intercalated disk of cardiac muscle that anchors actin filaments.
anal f. inferior f. of pelvic diaphragm
antebrachial f. it is continuous with the brachial f.; in the region of the wrist it forms two thickened bands, the extensor and flexor retinacula.f. antebrachii [NA], deep f. of forearm, f. of forearm;
f. antebra´chii [NA] antebrachial f
f. axilla´ris [NA] axillary f
axillary f. the f. that forms the floor of the axilla. It is continuous with the pectoral and clavipectoral f. anteriorly, with the brachial f. laterally, and with the f. of the latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior muscles posteriorly and medially.f. axillaris [NA] ;
bicipital f. bicipital aponeurosis
brachial f. the deep f. of the arm; it is continuous proximally with the pectoral f. and the f. covering the deltoid; distally it is continuous with the antebrachial f.f. brachii [NA], deep f. of arm;
f. bra´chii [NA] brachial f
broad f. deep f. of thigh
f. buc´copharyn´gea [NA] buccopharyngeal f
buccopharyngeal f. the f. that covers the muscular layer of the pharynx and is continued forward onto the buccinator muscle.f. buccopharyngea [NA] ;
Buck's f. deep f. of penis
f. bul´bi fascial sheath of eyeball
Camper's f. the more superficial, fatty part of the superficial fascia of the lower anterior abdominal wall.fatty layer of superficial fascia;
f. cervica´lis [NA] deep cervical f
f. cervicalis profunda deep cervical f
f. cine´rea fasciolar gyrus
clavipectoral f. a f. that extends between the coracoid process, the clavicle, and the thoracic wall. It includes the muscular f. which envelops the subclavius and pectoralis minor muscles and the strong membrane (costocoracoid membrane) formed in the interval between them, and the suspensory ligament of the axilla. The clavipectoral fascia (and the muscles it envelopes) constitute the deep anterior wall of the axilla.f. clavipectoralis [NA] ;
f. clavipectora´lis [NA] clavipectoral f
f. clitor´idis [NA] f. of clitoris
f. of clitoris fibrous tissue comparable to the f. of the penis.f. clitoridis [NA] ;
Colles' f. superficial f. of perineum
Cooper's f. cremasteric f
cremasteric f. h;one of the coverings of the spermatic cord, formed of delicate connective tissue and of muscular fibers derived from the internal oblique muscle (cremaster muscle). See also aponeurosis of internal abdominal oblique muscle.f. cremasterica [NA], Cooper's f., Scarpa's sheath;
f. cremaster´ica [NA] cremasteric f
cribriform f. the part of the superficial f. of the thigh that covers the saphenous opening.f. cribrosa [NA], Hesselbach's f;
f. cribro´sa [NA] cribriform f
crural f. f. of the leg; it is continuous with the f. lata and is attached proximally to the patella, ligamentum patellae, the tubercle and condyles of the tibia, and the head of the fibula; distally it is thickened to form the flexor and extensor retinacula.f. cruris [NA], deep f. of leg, f. of leg;
f. cru´ris [NA] crural f
Cruveilhier's f. superficial f. of perineum
dartos f. a layer of smooth muscular tissue in the integument of the scrotum. See also dartos muliebris.tunica dartos [NA], dartos muscle, membrana carnosa, tunica carnea;
deep f. a thin fibrous membrane, devoid of fat, that invests the muscles, separating the several groups and the individual muscles, forms sheaths for the nerves and vessels, becomes specialized around the joints to form or strengthen ligaments, envelops various organs and glands, and binds all the structures together into a firm compact mass.f. profunda [NA] ;
deep f. of arm brachial f
deep cervical f. f. of the neck; it is divided into an external or investing layer (superficial lamina) that surrounds the neck and encloses the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles, a middle or pretracheal layer in relation to the infrahyoid muscles, and a deep or prevertebral layer applied to the vertebrae and axial muscles.f. cervicalis [NA], deep f. of neck, f. cervicalis profunda;
deep f. of forearm antebrachial f
deep f. of leg crural f
deep f. of neck deep cervical f
deep f. of penis a deep layer which surrounds the three erectile bodies of the penis.Buck's f., f. penis profunda;
deep f. of thigh the strong deep f. of the thigh, enveloping the muscles of the thigh and thickened laterally as the iliotibial track.f. lata [NA], broad f;
f. denta´ta hippocam´pi dentate gyrus
dentate f. dentate gyrus
f. diaphrag´matis pel´vis infe´rior [NA] inferior f. of pelvic diaphragm
f. diaphrag´matis pel´vis supe´rior [NA] superior f. of pelvic diaphragm
f. diaphrag´matis urogenita´lis infe´rior [NA] * official alternate term for inferior f. of urogenital diaphragm
f. diaphrag´matis urogenita´lis supe´rior superior f. of urogenital diaphragm
dorsal f. of foot the f. that encloses the extensor tendons of the toes and blends with the inferior extensor retinaculum.f. dorsalis pedis [NA] ;
dorsal f. of hand the deep f. of the back of the hand continuous proximally with the extensor retinaculum.f. dorsalis manus [NA] ;
f. dorsa´lis ma´nus [NA] dorsal f. of hand
f. dorsa´lis pe´dis [NA] dorsal f. of foot
Dupuytren's f. palmar aponeurosis
endopelvic f. visceral pelvic f
endothoracic f. the extrapleural f. that lines the wall of the thorax; it extends over the cupula of the pleura as the suprapleural membrane and also forms a thin layer between the diaphragm and pleura (phrenicopleura f.)f. endothoracica [NA] ;
f. endothora´cica [NA] endothoracic f
external spermatic f. the outer fascial covering of the spermatic cord; it is continuous at the superficial inguinal ring with the f. covering the external oblique muscle. See also aponeurosis of external abdominal oblique muscle.f. spermatica externa [NA] ;
f. of extraocular muscles fascial sheaths of extraocular muscles, under sheath
extraperitoneal f. the thin layer of f. and adipose tissue between the peritoneum and f. transversalis.f. subperitonealis [NA], subperitoneal f;
f. of forearm antebrachial f
Gerota's f. renal f
Godman's f. an extension of the pretracheal f. into the thorax and on to the pericardium.
Hesselbach's f. cribriform f
iliac f. the f. covering the iliacus and psoas muscles, continuous with transversalis fascia anterolaterally and with femoral sheath inferiorly.f. iliaca [NA] ;
f. ili´aca [NA] iliac f
iliopectineal f. a f. formed by the union of the fasciae covering the iliacus and pectinus muscles which cover the floor of the iliopectineal fossa. See iliopectineal arch.
inferior f. of pelvic diaphragm the f. that covers the inferior aspect of the levator ani and coccygeus muscles.f. diaphragmatis pelvis inferior [NA], anal f;
inferior f. of urogenital diaphragm the layer of fascia extending between the ischiopubic rami inferior to the sphincter urethrae and the deep transverse perineal muscles.membrana perinei [NA], f. diaphragmatis urogenitalis inferior [NA], Camper's ligament, ligamentum triangulare, perineal membrane, triangular ligament;
infraspinatus f. , f. in´fraspina´ta the f. attached to the borders of the infraspinous fossa and covering the infraspinatus muscle; it is continuous with the f. covering the deltoid.
infundibuliform f. internal spermatic f
intercolumnar fasciae intercrural fibers, under fiber
internal spermatic f. the inner covering of the spermatic cord, continuous above the deep inguinal ring with f. transversalis.f. spermatica interna [NA], infundibuliform f., tunica vaginalis communis;
interosseous f. the f. covering the interosseous muscles of the hand or foot; it consists of a dorsal layer and a palmar or plantar layer.
investing f. investing layer of deep cervical fascia
lacrimal f. that part of the periorbita that bridges across the fossa or lacrimal sac.
f. la´ta [NA] deep f. of thigh
f. of leg crural f
lumbodorsal f. thoracolumbar f
masseteric f. the f. that covers the lateral surface of the masseter muscle.f. masseterica [NA] ;
f. massete´rica [NA] masseteric f
middle cervical f. pretracheal f
muscular f. of extraocular muscle fascial sheaths of extraocular muscles, under sheath
f. muscula´ris musculo´rum bul´bi [NA] fascial sheaths of extraocular muscles, under sheath
f. nu´chae [NA] nuchal f
nuchal f. the f. that encloses the posterior muscles of the neck.f. nuchae [NA] ;
obturator f. the portion of the pelvic f. that covers the obturator internus muscle.f. obturatoria [NA] ;
f. obturato´ria [NA] obturator f
orbital fasciae the fascial layers in the orbit consisting of periorbita, septum orbitale, f. muscularis musculorum bulbi, and vagina bulbi.fasciae orbitales [NA] ;
fas´ciae orbita´les [NA] orbital fasciae
palmar f. palmar aponeurosis
parietal pelvic f. including the obturator f., covers the muscles that pass from the interior of the pelvis to the thigh.f. pelvis parietalis;
parotid f. the part of the investing cervical f. that ensheaths the parotid gland and is fixed above to the zygomatic arch.f. parotidea [NA], fibrous capsule of parotid gland, parotid sheath;
f. parotid´ea [NA] parotid f
parotideomasseteric f. a dense membrane covering both the lateral and medial surfaces of the parotid gland, continuous anteriorly with the f. covering the masseter muscle. See parotid f., masseteric f.f. parotideomasseterica;
f. parotideomasseter´ica parotideomasseteric f
pectoral f. the f. that covers the pectoralis major muscle; it is attached to the sternum and to the clavicle; laterally and below it is continuous with the f. of the shoulder, axilla, and thorax.f. pectoralis [NA] ;
f. pectora´lis [NA] pectoral f
pelvic f. it includes parietal and visceral components: fascia pelvis parietalis and fascia pelvis visceralis.f. pelvis [NA] ;
f. pel´vis [NA] pelvic f
f. pel´vis parieta´lis parietal pelvic f
f. pel´vis viscera´lis visceral pelvic f
f. pe´nis [NA] f. of penis
f. of penis it is divided into two layers: deep f. of penis and of f. superficial penis.f. penis [NA] ;
f. pe´nis profun´da deep f. of penis
f. pe´nis superficia´lis superficial f. of penis
f. perine´i superficia´lis [NA] superficial f. of perineum
perirenal f. renal f
pharyngobasilar f. the fibrous coat of the pharyngeal wall situated between the mucous and muscular coats; it is attached above to the basilar part of the occipital bone, and the petrous part of the temporal bone. This layer and the mucosa which lines it forms the wall of the non-muscular pharynx (pharyngeal vault) above the superior pharyngesl constrictor muscle.f. pharyngobasilaris [NA], aponeurosis pharyngea, tela submucosa pharyngis;
f. pharyngobasila´ris [NA] pharyngobasilar f
phrenicopleural f. the thin layer of endothoracic f. intervening between the diaphragmatic pleura and the diaphragm.f. phrenicopleuralis [NA] ;
f. phrenicopleura´lis [NA] phrenicopleural f
plantar f. plantar aponeurosis
popliteal f. the f. that covers the popliteal fossa, continuous with fascia lata superiorly and crural fascia inferiorly.
Porter's f. pretracheal f
pretracheal f. the layer of fascia investing the infrahyoid muscles and contributing to the formation of the carotid sheath.lamina pretrachealis [NA], middle cervical f., Porter's f., pretracheal layer;
prevertebral f. the part of the cervical fascia which covers the bodies of the cervical vertebrae and the muscles attaching to them and to the anterior parts of their transverse processes.lamina prevertebralis [NA], prevertebral layer;
f. profun´da [NA] deep f
f. pros´tatae [NA] f. of prostate
f. of prostate the condensation of pelvic visceral f. that encloses the prostate gland.f. prostatae [NA] ;
rectovesical f. rectovesical septum
renal f. the condensation of the fibroareolar tissue and fat surrounding the kidney to form a sheath for the organ.f. renalis [NA], Gerota's capsule, Gerota's f., perirenal f;
f. rena´lis [NA] renal f
Scarpa's f. the deeper, membranous or lamellar part of the subcutaneous tissue of the lower abdominal wall; it is continuous with the superficial perineal (Colles') f.membranous layer of superficial fascia (2) ;
semilunar f. bicipital aponeurosis
Sibson's f. suprapleural membrane
f. spermat´ica exter´na [NA] external spermatic f
f. spermat´ica inter´na [NA] internal spermatic f
subperitoneal f. extraperitoneal f
f. subperitonea´lis [NA] extraperitoneal f
subsartorial f. dense fascial triangle extending from the inferior medial border of the adductor magnus muscle to the vastus medialis muscle. Along with the sartorius muscle, this dense f. forms the roof of the lower 1/2 of the adductor canal and, as the femoral vessels pass deep to it, is often mistaken for the adductor hiatus.vastoadductor f;
superficial f. a loose fibrous envelope beneath the skin, containing fat in its meshes (panniculus adiposus) or fasciculi of muscular tissue (panniculus carnosus); it contains the cutaneous vessels and nerves and is in relation by its undersurface with the deep fascia.f. superficialis [NA], tela subcutanea [NA], hypoderm, hypodermis, stratum subcutaneum, subcutis;
f. superficia´lis [NA] superficial f
superficial f. of penis a superficial layer continuous with f. perinei superficialis.f. penis superficialis;
superficial f. of perineum the membranous layer of the subcutaneous tissue in the urogenital region attaching posteriorly to the border of the urogenital diaphragm, at the sides to the ischiopubic rami, and continuing anteriorly onto the abdominal wall.f. perinei superficialis [NA], Colles' f., Cruveilhier's f., membranous layer of superficial fascia (1) ;
superior f. of pelvic diaphragm the f. on the superior aspect of the levator ani and coccygeus muscles.f. diaphragmatis pelvis superior [NA] ;
superior f. of urogenital diaphragm a layer of f. that has been described on the superior surface of the sphincter urethrae and the deep transverse perineal muscles. Its presence is doubted by some anatomists.f. diaphragmatis urogenitalis superior;
temporal f. the f. covering the temporal muscle; it is composed of two layers, lamina superficialis and lamina profunda; both attach above to the superior temporal line but diverge inferiorly to attach to the lateral and medial surfaces of the zygomatic arch.f. temporalis [NA], temporal aponeurosis;
f. tempora´lis [NA] temporal f
thoracolumbar f. the f. which covers the deep muscles of the back; it is attached to the angles of the ribs and to the spines of the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral vertebrae, to the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae, to the lower border of the twelth rib and to the iliac crest, as well as to the lumbocostal, iliolumbar, intertransverse, and supraspinous ligaments.f. thoracolumbalis [NA], lumbodorsal f., thoracolumbar aponeurosis;
f. thoracolumba´lis [NA] thoracolumbar f
Toldt's f. continuation of Treitz's f. behind the body of the pancreas.
f. transversa´lis [NA] transversalis f
transversalis f. the lining f. of the abdominal cavity, between the inner surface of the abdominal musculature and the peritoneum.f. transversalis [NA] ;
Treitz's f. f. behind the head of the pancreas.
triangular f. reflected inguinal ligament
f. triangula´ris abdom´inis reflected inguinal ligament
Tyrrell's f. rectovesical septum
umbilical prevesical f. the thin fascial layer interposed between the transversalis f. and the umbilicovesical f. It extends between the medial umbilical ligaments from the umbilicus downward in front of the bladder, forming the posterior boundary of the retropubic space.
umbilicovesical f. a thin fascial layer that extends between the medial umbilical ligaments and is continuous with f. enclosing the bladder.
vastoadductor f. subsartorial f
visceral pelvic f. covers the pelvic organs and surrounds vessels and nerves in the subperitoneal space.endopelvic f., f. pelvis visceralis;
Zuckerkandl's f. the posterior layer of the renal f.


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