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absorption (ab-sorp´shun)

1. The taking in, incorporation, or reception of gases, liquids, light, or heat. Cf. adsorption. 2. In radiology, the uptake of energy from radiation by the tissue or medium through which it passes. See half-value layer. 3. In radiation or medical physics, the number of disintegrations per second of a radionuclide. Radioactivity. Unit (SI): becquerel. [L. absorptio, fr. absorbeo, to swallow]
cutaneous a. percutaneous a
disjunctive a. a. of living tissue in immediate relation with a necrosed part, producing a line of demarcation.
electron resonance a. See electron spin resonance.
external a. the a. of substances through skin, mucocutaneous surfaces, or mucous membranes.
interstitial a. the removal of water or of substances in the interstitial fluid by the lymphatics.
parenteral a. a. by any route other than the alimentary tract.
pathologic a. parenteral a. of any excremental or pathologic material into the bloodstream, e.g., pus, urine, bile, etc.
percutaneous a. the a. of drugs, allergens, and other substances through unbroken skin.cutaneous a;
photoelectric a. interaction of an x-ray photon with matter in which the incident photon is completely absorbed, giving up all its energy by displacing an outer shell electron.


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