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feeding (fed´ing)

Giving food or nourishment.
fictitious f. sham f
forced f. , forcible f. 1. giving liquid food through a nasal tube passed into the stomach; 2. forcing a person to eat more food than desired.forced alimentation;
gastric f. giving of nutriment directly into the stomach by means of a tube inserted via the nasopharynx and esophagus or directly through the abdominal wall.
nasal f. the giving of nourishment through a flexible tube passed through the nasal passages into the stomach.
sham f. a procedure used in the study of the psychic phase of gastric secretion: in experiments on dogs, the food, after being eaten, does not enter the stomach but issues from an esophageal fistula made in the neck; the chewing and swallowing of food causes an abundant secretion of gastric juice.fictitious f;


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