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fetus, pl. fetuses (fe´tus, fe´tus-ez)

1. The unborn young of a viviparous animal after it has taken form in the uterus. 2. [NA] In humans, the product of conception from the end of the eighth week to the moment of birth. [L. offspring]
f. in fe´tu condition in which a small, imperfectly formed fetus is contained within a fetus.
harlequin f. a severe autosomal recessive form of collodian baby in a newborn, usually premature, infant; i.e., a form of ichthyosiform erythroderma characterized by encasement of the body in grayish brown, often fissured plaques resembling plates of armor, and by grotesque deformity of the face, hands, and feet; usually fatal within a few days, although treatment with 13-cis-retinoic acid has been successful in some cases.ichthyosis fetalis (1) ;
impacted f. a f. which, because of its large size or narrowing of the pelvic canal, has become wedged and incapable of spontaneous advance or recession.
f. papyra´ceus one of twin f.'s that has died and been pressed flat against the uterine wall by the growth of the living f.
f. sanguinolentis (san-gwi´no-len´tis) dead f. that has become macerated.


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