figure (fig´ur)

1. A form or shape. 2. A person representing the essential aspects of a particular role (e.g., relating to one's male boss as a father figure or to one's female teacher as a mother figure). 3. A form, shape, outline, or representation of an object or person. [L. figura, fr fingo, to shape, fashion]
authority f. a real or projected person in a position of power; one's parents, police, and boss are authority figures to some people; during the transference phase of psychoanalysis, the psychoanalyst becomes an authority f.
flame f. a small area of dermal or subcutaneous necrosis with intense eosinophil staining of collagen bundles; seen in the lesions of Well's syndrome.
fortification f.'s fortification spectrum
mitotic f. the microscopic appearance of a cell undergoing mitosis; a cell of which the chromosomes are visible by the light microscope.
myelin f. a rolled-up or scroll-like arrangement of a lipid bilayer within a cell, superficially resembling the myelin sheath of nerves; observed with the electron microscope in the cytoplasm or as inclusion in mitochondria and autophagic vacuoles where they may represent artifacts of lipid fixation.myelin body;
Purkinje's f.'s shadows of the retinal vessels, seen as dark lines on a reddish field when a light enters the eye through the sclera and not the pupil.


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