finger (fing´ger)

One of the digits of the hand.digitus manus [NA] ; [A.S.]
baseball f. an avulsion, partial or complete, of the long finger extensor from the base of the distal phalanx.drop f., hammer f., mallet f;
blubber f. erysipeloid
bolster f. monilial infection of the nail fold.
clubbed f.'s See clubbing.
dead f.'s acroasphyxia
drop f. baseball f
fifth f. little f
first f. thumb
fourth f. ring f
hammer f. baseball f
hippocratic f.'s See clubbing.
index f. the second f. (the thumb being counted as the first).digitus secundus [NA], forefinger, index (1), second f;
jerk f. trigger f
little f. the little or fifth finger.digitus minimus [NA], digitus quintus [NA], digitus auricularis, fifth f;
lock f. trigger f
mallet f. baseball f
middle f. third finger.digitus medius [NA], digitus tertius [NA], third f;
ring f. fourth finger.digitus annularis [NA], fourth f;
sausage f.'s the thick, short f.'s of acromegaly; symmetric, diffusely swollen f.'s; an early change in systemic sclerosis.
seal f.'s erysipeloid
second f. index f
snap f. trigger f
spade f.'s the course, thick f.'s of acromegaly or myxedema.
speck f. erysipeloid
spider f. arachnodactyly
spring f. trigger f
stuck f. trigger f
third f. middle f
trigger f. an affection in which the movement of the f. is arrested for a moment in flexion or extension and then continues with a jerk.jerk f., lock f., snap f., spring f., stuck f;
waxy f.'s acroasphyxia
webbed f.'s two or more f.'s united and enclosed in a common sheath of skin.
whale f.'s erysipeloid
white f.'s an occupational disease occurring in operators of pneumatic hammers who are exposed to cold.
zinc f. a zinc-binding domain in a protein structure often seen in certain gene regulatory proteins.


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