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flexure (flek´sher)

A bend, as in an organ or structure.flexura [NA] ; [L. flexura]
anorectal f. perineal f. of rectum
basicranial f. pontine f
caudal f. the bend in the lumbosacral region of the embryo.sacral f;
cephalic f. the sharp, ventrally concave bend in the developing midbrain of the embryo.cerebral f., cranial f., mesencephalic f;
cerebral f. cephalic f
cervical f. the ventrally concave bend at the juncture of the brainstem and spinal cord in the embryo.
cranial f. cephalic f
dorsal f. a f. in the mid-dorsal region in the embryo.
duodenojejunal f. an abrupt bend in the small intestine at the junction of the duodenum and jejunum.flexura duodenojejunalis [NA], duodenojejunal angle;
hepatic f. right colic f
inferior f. of duodenum the bend at the junction of the descending and horizontal parts of the duodenum. Occasionally a bend, the left inferior duodenal flexure, occurs at the junction of the horizontal and ascending parts.flexura duodeni inferior [NA] ;
left colic f. the bend at the junction of the transverse and descending colon.flexura coli sinistra [NA], splenic f;
lumbar f. the normal ventral curve of the vertebral column in the lumbar region.
mesencephalic f. cephalic f
perineal f. of rectum the anteroposterior curve with convexity anteriorward of the last portion of the rectum.flexura perinealis recti [NA], anorectal angle (2), anorectal f;
pontine f. the dorsally concave curvature of the rhombencephalon in the embryo; appearance indicates division of rhombencephalon into myelencephalon and metencephalon.basicranial f., transverse rhombencephalic f;
right colic f. the bend of the colon at the juncture of its ascending and transverse portions.flexura coli dextra [NA], hepatic f;
sacral f. caudal f
sacral f. of rectum the anteroposterior curve with concavity anteriorward of the first portion of the rectum.flexura sacralis recti [NA] ;
sigmoid f. sigmoid colon
splenic f. left colic f
superior f. of duodenum the flexure at the junction of the superior and descending parts of the duodenum.flexura duodeni superior [NA] ;
telencephalic f. a f. appearing in the embryonic forebrain region.
transverse rhombencephalic f. pontine f


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