flutter (flut´er)

Agitation; tremulousness. [A.S. floterian, to float about]
atrial f. , auricular f. rapid regular atrial contractions occurring usually at rates between 250 and 350 per minute and often producing "saw-tooth" waves in the electrocardiogram, particularly leads II, III, and aVF.jugular embryocardia;
diaphragmatic f. rapid rhythmical contractions (average, 150 per minute) of the diaphragm, simulating atrial f. clinically and sometimes electrocardiographically.
impure f. mixture of atrial flutter (FF) waves and fibrillation (ff) waves in the electrocardiogram.fibrilloflutter, flutter-fibrillation;
ocular f. a spontaneous, brief, intermittent, horizontal oscillation of the eyes occurring during fixation; it often coexists with ocular dysmetria in cerebellar syndromes.
pure f. consistent registration of atrial f. waves unmixed with other signals.
ventricular f. a form of rapid ventricular tachycardia in which the electrocardiographic complexes assume a regular undulating pattern without distinct QRS and T waves.


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