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alloy (al´oy)

A substance composed of a mixture of two or more metals.
chrome-cobalt a.'s a.'s of cobalt and chromium containing molybdenum and/or tungsten plus trace elements; used in dentistry for denture bases and frameworks, and other structures.
eutectic a. an a., generally brittle and subject to tarnish and corrosion, with a fusion temperature lower than that of any of its components; used in dentistry mainly in solders.
gold a. an a. whose principal ingredient is gold, usually contains copper or platinum and silver; used in dentistry for restorations requiring considerable strength.
Raney a. an a. of Ni and Al in equal proportions, used in the preparation of Raney Nickel.
silver-tin a. any a. of silver and tin; commonly 3 parts Ag and 1 part Sn, forming Ag3Sn, the chief intermetallic compound in dental amalgam.


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