foramen, pl. foramina (fo-ra´men, fo-ram´i-na) [NA]

An aperture or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure.trema (1) ; [L. an aperture, fr. foro, to pierce]
alveolar foramina openings of the posterior dental canals on the infratemporal surface of the maxilla.foramina alveolaria [NA] ;
foram´ina alveola´ria [NA] alveolar foramina
anterior condyloid f. hypoglossal canal
anterior palatine f. greater palatine f
aortic f. aortic hiatus
apical dental f. apical f. of tooth
apical f. of tooth the opening at the apex of the root of a tooth that gives passage to the nerve and blood vessels.f. apicis dentis [NA], apical dental f., root f;
f. ap´icis den´tis [NA] apical f. of tooth
arachnoid f. medial aperture of the fourth ventricle
f. of Arnold petrosal f
Bichat's f. cistern of great cerebral vein
blind f. of frontal bone f. cecum of frontal bone
blind f. of the tongue f. cecum of tongue
Bochdalek's f. pleuroperitoneal hiatus
Botallo's f. the orifice of communication between the two atria of the fetal heart. See also f. ovale.
f. bur´sae omenta´lis major´is a f. produced by two folds of peritoneum, that covering the common/proper hepatic artery on the right and that covering the left gastric artery on the left, which encroach upon and constrict the omental bursa; it forms a communication between the superior recess of the lesser sac which lies above it and the remainder of the omental bursa.
carotid f. the opening at each extremity of the carotid canal in the petrous portion of the temporal bone; the external carotid f. is on the inferior surface of the pyramid; the internal is at the apex.
cecal f. of frontal bone f. cecum of frontal bone
cecal f. of the tongue f. cecum of tongue
f. cecum of frontal bone blind or cecal f. of the frontal bone; the blind f. formed immediately anterior to the crista galli by a notch at the lower end of the frontal crest and its articulation with the ethmoid bone. It is insignificant postnatally, but gives passage to vessels during development.f. cecum ossis frontalis [NA], blind f. of frontal bone, cecal f. of frontal bone;
f. ce´cum lin´guae [NA] f. cecum of tongue
f. ce´cum medul´lae oblonga´tae a small triangular depression at the lower boundary of the pons that marks the upper limit of the median fissure of the medulla oblongata.f. cecum posterius, Vicq d'Azyr's f;
f. ce´cum os´sis fronta´lis [NA] f. cecum of frontal bone
f. ce´cum poste´rius f. cecum medullae oblongatae
f. cecum of tongue a median pit on the dorsum of the posterior part of the tongue, from which the limbs of a V-shaped furrow run forward and outward; it is the site of origin of the thyroid gland and subsequent thyroglossal duct in the embryo.f. cecum linguae [NA], blind f. of the tongue, cecal f. of the tongue, Morgagni's f. (1), pleuroperitoneal f;
conjugate f. a f. formed by the notches of two bones in apposition.
f. costotransversa´rium [NA] costotransverse f
costotransverse f. an opening between the neck of a rib and the transverse process of a vertebra, occupied by the costotransverse ligament.f. costotransversarium [NA] ;
f. diaphrag´matis sel´lae a hole in the center of the diaphragm of the sella turcica giving passage to the infundibulum of the hypothalamus.
Duverney's f. epiploic f
emissary sphenoidal f. f. venosum
epiploic f. the passage, below and behind the portal hepatis, connecting the two sacs of the peritoneum; it is bounded anteriorly by the hepatoduodenal ligament and posteriorly by a peritoneal fold over the inferior vena cava.f. omentale [NA], f. epiploicum, aditus ad saccum peritonei minorem, Duverney's f., Winslow's f;
f. epiplo´icum * official alternate term for epiploic f
ethmoidal f. either of two foramina formed by grooves on either edge of the ethmoidal notch of the frontal bone, and completed by similar grooves on the ethmoid bone: anterior ethmoidal f., located in an anterior position; posterior ethmoidal f. located in a posterior position.f. ethmoidale [NA] ;
f. ethmoida´le [NA] ethmoidal f
external acoustic f. opening of external acoustic meatus
external auditory f. opening of external acoustic meatus
Ferrein's f. hiatus of facial canal
frontal f. an occasional small opening in the supraorbital margin of the frontal bone medial to the supraorbital foramen.f. frontale [NA] ;
f. fronta´le [NA] frontal f See also frontal notch.
great f. f. magnum
greater palatine f. an opening in the posterolateral corner of the hard palate opposite the last molar tooth, marking the lower end of the pterygopalatine canal.f. palatinum majus [NA], anterior palatine f;
Huschke's f. an opening in the floor of the bony part of the external acoustic meatus near the tympanic membrane, normally closed in the adult.
Hyrtl's f. porus crotaphytico-buccinatorius
incisive f. one of several (usually four) openings of the incisive canals into the incisive fossa.f. incisivum [NA], incisor f., Stensen's f;
f. incisi´vum [NA] incisive f
incisor f. incisive f
inferior dental f. mandibular f
infraorbital f. the external opening of the infraorbital canal, on the anterior surface of the body of the maxilla.f. infraorbitale [NA] ;
f. infraorbita´le [NA] infraorbital f
interatrial f. pri´mum 1. in the embryonic heart, the temporary opening between right and left atria situated between the lower margin of the septum primum and the atrioventricular canal cushions; 2. in an adult heart, the abnormal persistence of the so-named communication which is normal in young embryos.f. subseptale, ostium primum, primary interatrial f;
interatrial f. secun´dum a secondary opening appearing in the upper part of the septum primum in the sixth week of embryonic life, just prior to the closure of the interatrial f. primum.ostium secundum, secondary interatrial f;
internal acoustic f. opening of internal acoustic meatus
internal auditory f. opening of internal acoustic meatus
interventricular f. the short, often slitlike passage that, on both the left and right side, connects the third brain ventricle (of the diencephalon) with the lateral ventricles (of the cerebral hemispheres); the passage is bounded anteriomedially by the column of fornix and posterolaterally by the anterior pole of the thalamus.f. interventriculare [NA], Monro's f., porta (2) ;
f. interventricula´re [NA] interventricular f
intervertebral f. one of a number of openings into the vertebral canal bounded by the pedicles of adjacent vertebrae above and below, the vertebral body (mostly of the superior vertebra) and intervertebral disc anteriorly, and the articular processes forming the zygopophyseal joint posteriorly.f. intervertebrale [NA] ;
f. intervertebra´le [NA] intervertebral f
f. ischiad´icum [NA] sciatic f
jugular f. a passage between the petrous portion of the temporal bone and the jugular process of the occipital, sometimes divided into two by the intrajugular processes; it contains the internal jugular vein, inferior petrosal sinus, the glossopharyngeal, vagus, and accessory nerves, and meningeal branches of the ascending pharyngeal and occipital arteries.f. jugulare [NA], f. lacerum posterius;
f. jugula´re [NA] jugular f
f. of Key-Retzius lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle
lacerated f. f. lacerum
f. lac´erum [NA] an irregular aperture, filled with cartilage (basilar cartilage) in the living, located between the apex of the petrous part of the temporal bone, the body of the sphenoid, and the basilar part of the occipital bones. Several structures pass along the margins of the f. in a nearly horizontal direction but no structures pass through vertically.f. lacerum medium, lacerated f., sphenotic f;
f. lac´erum ante´rius superior orbital fissure
f. lac´erum me´dium f. lacerum
f. lac´erum poste´rius jugular f
Lannelongue's foramina foramina of the venae minimae
f. latera´lis ventric´uli quar´ti lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle
lesser palatine foramina openings on the hard palate of palatine canals passing vertically through the tuberosity of the palatine bone and transmitting the smaller palatine nerves and vessels.foramina palatina minora [NA], posterior palatine foramina;
f. of Luschka lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle
Magendie's f. medial aperture of the fourth ventricle
f. mag´num [NA] the large opening in the basal part of the occipital bone through which the spinal cord becomes continuous with the medulla oblongata.great f;
malar f. zygomaticofacial f
f. mandib´ulae [NA] mandibular f
mandibular f. the opening into the mandibular canal on the medial surface of the ramus of the mandible giving passage to the inferior alveolar nerve, artery, and vein.f. mandibulae [NA], inferior dental f;
mastoid f. an opening at the posterior portion of the mastoid process, transmitting the mastoid branch of the occipital artery to the dura and an emissary vein to the sigmoid sinus.f. mastoideum [NA] ;
f. mastoi´deum [NA] mastoid f
mental f. the anterior opening of the mandibular canal on the body of the mandible lateral to and above the mental tubercle giving passage to the mental artery and nerve.f. mentale [NA], mental canal;
f. menta´le [NA] mental f
Monro's f. interventricular f
Morgagni's f. 1. f. cecum of tongue 2. congenital defect in the fusion of sternal and costal elements of the diaphragmatic anlage that is the site of a parasternal hernia.parasternal hernia;
nasal f. vascular f. opening on the outer surface of each nasal bone.
foram´ina nervo´sa [NA] the perforations along the tympanic lip of the spiral lamina giving passage to the cochlear nerves.habenulae perforata, zona perforata;
f. nutric´ium [NA] nutrient f
nutrient f. the external opening of the nutrient canal in a bone.f. nutricium [NA] ;
obturator f. a large, oval or irregularly triangular aperture in the hip bone, the margins of which are formed by the pubis and the ischium; it is closed in the natural state by the obturator membrane, except for a small opening for the passage of the obturator vessels and nerve.f. obturatum [NA] ;
f. obtura´tum [NA] obturator f
olfactory f. one of the openings in the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone, transmitting the olfactory nerves.
f. omentale [NA] epiploic f
optic f. optic canal
f. op´ticum optic canal
f. ova´le , oval f. 1. [NA] in the fetal heart, the oval opening in the septum secundum; the persistent part of the septum primum acts as a valve for this interatrial communication during fetal life and normally postnatally becomes fused to the septum secundum to close it; 2. [NA] a large oval opening in the base of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, transmitting the mandibular nerve and a small meningeal artery; 3. valvular incompetence of the f. ovale of the heart; a condition contrasting with probe patency of the f. ovale in that the valvula foraminis ovalis has abnormal perforations in it, or is of insufficient size to afford adequate valvular action at the f. ovale prenatally, or effect a complete closure postnatally.
foram´ina palati´na mino´ra [NA] lesser palatine foramina
f. palati´num ma´jus [NA] greater palatine f
foram´ina papilla´ria re´nis [NA] papillary foramina of kidney
papillary foramina of kidney numerous minute openings, the apertures of the papillary ducts converging on the apical pole of each renal papilla.foramina papillaria renis [NA] ;
parietal f. an inconstant f. in the parietal bone occasionally found bilaterally near the sagittal margin posteriorly; when present it transmits an emissary vein to the superior sagittal sinus.f. parietale [NA] ;
f. parieta´le [NA] parietal f
petrosal f. an occasional opening in the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, between the f. spinosum and f. ovale, which transmits the lesser petrosal nerve.f. petrosum [NA], canaliculus innominatus, f. of Arnold;
f. petro´sum [NA] petrosal f
pleuroperitoneal f. f. cecum of tongue
posterior condyloid f. condylar canal
posterior palatine foramina lesser palatine foramina
postglenoid f. a small f. that is sometimes present in the temporal bone immediately in front of the external acoustic meatus.
primary interatrial f. interatrial f. primum
f. proces´sus transver´si [NA] transverse f
f. quadra´tum vena caval f
Retzius' f. lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle
root f. apical f. of tooth
f. rotun´dum [NA] an opening in the base of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, transmitting the maxillary nerve.round f;
round f. f. rotundum
sacral f. one of the openings between the fused sacral vertebrae transmitting the sacral nerves. The anterior sacral foramina transmit ventral primary rami of the sacral nerves. The posterior sacral foramina give passage to dorsal primary rami of the sacral nerves.f. sacrale [NA] ;
f. sacra´le [NA] sacral f
Scarpa's foramina two openings in the line of the intermaxillary suture; the anterior f. transmits the left nasopalatine nerve, the posterior the right.
sciatic f. either of two foramina formed by the sacrospinous and sacrotuberous ligaments crossing the sciatic notches of the hip bone: greater sciatic f. and lesser sciatic f.f. ischiadicum [NA] ;
secondary interatrial f. interatrial f. secundum
f. singula´re [NA] solitary f
foramina of the smallest veins of heart foramina of the venae minimae
solitary f. a f. in the internal acoustic meatus, posterior to the cochlear area, that transmits the nerves to the ampulla of the posterior semicircular duct.f. singulare [NA] ;
sphenopalatine f. the f. formed from the sphenopalatine notch of the palatine bone in articulation with the sphenoid bone; it transmits the sphenopalatine artery and accompanying nerves.f. sphenopalatinum [NA] ;
f. sphenopalati´num [NA] sphenopalatine f
sphenotic f. f. lacerum
f. spino´sum [NA] an opening in the base of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, anterior to the spine of the sphenoid, transmitting the middle meningeal artery.
Stensen's f. incisive f
stylomastoid f. the distal or external opening of the facial canal on the inferior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, between the styloid and mastoid processes; it transmits the facial nerve and stylomastoid artery.f. stylomastoideum [NA] ;
f. stylomastoid´eum [NA] stylomastoid f
f. subsepta´le interatrial f. primum
supraorbital f. a f. in the supraorbital margin of the frontal bone at the junction of the medial and intermediate thirds.f. supraorbitale [NA] ;
f. supraorbita´le [NA] supraorbital f See also supraorbital notch.
thebesian foramina foramina of the venae minimae
thyroid f. an opening occasionally existing in one or both of the plates of the thyroid cartilage.f. thyroideum [NA] ;
f. thyroid´eum [NA] thyroid f
f. transversa´rium [NA] transverse f
transverse f. f. processus transversus.f. processus transversi [NA], f. transversarium [NA], f. vertebroarterialis [NA], f. of transverse process, vertebroarterial f;
f. of transverse process transverse f
f. of vena cava vena caval f
vena caval f. an opening in the right lobe of the central tendon of the diaphragm which transmits the inferior vena cava and branches of the right phrenic nerve.f. venae cavae [NA], f. of vena cava, f. quadratum;
f. ve´nae ca´vae [NA] vena caval f
foramina of the venae minimae a number of fossae in the wall of the right atrium, containing the openings of minute intramural veins.foramina venarum minimarum cordis [NA], foramina of the smallest veins of heart, Lannelongue's foramina, thebesian foramina, Vieussens' foramina;
foram´ina vena´rum minima´rum cordis [NA] foramina of the venae minimae
f. veno´sum [NA] a minute inconstant f. in the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, anterior and medial to the f. ovale, transmitting a small emissary vein from the cavernous sinus.emissary sphenoidal f., venous f., Vesalius' f;
venous f. f. venosum
vertebral f. the f. formed by the union of the vertebral arch with the body; in the articulated vertebral column, the vertebral f. collectively form the vertebral column.f. vertebrale [NA] ;
f. vertebra´le [NA] vertebral f
vertebroarterial f. transverse f
f. vertebroarteria´lis [NA] transverse f
Vesalius' f. f. venosum
Vicq d'Azyr's f. f. cecum medullae oblongatae
Vieussens' foramina foramina of the venae minimae
Weitbrecht's f. an opening in the articular capsule of the shoulder joint, communicating with the subtendinous bursa of the subscapularis muscle.
Winslow's f. epiploic f
zygomaticofacial f. the opening on the lateral surface of the zygomatic bone below the orbital margin that transmits the zygomaticofacial nerve.f. zygomaticofaciale [NA], malar f;
f. zygomaticofacia´le [NA] zygomaticofacial f
zygomatico-orbital f. the common opening on the orbital surface of the zygomatic bone of the canals transmitting the zygomaticofacial and zygomaticotemporal nerves; sometimes each of these canals has a separate opening on the orbital surface.f. zygomatico-orbitale [NA] ;
f. zygomat´ico-orbita´le [NA] zygomatico-orbital f
zygomaticotemporal f. the opening, on the temporal surface of the zygomatic bone, of the canal that gives passage to the zygomaticotemporal nerve.f. zygomaticotemporale [NA] ;
f. zygomat´icotempora´le [NA] zygomaticotemporal f


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