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fornix, gen. fornicis, pl. fornices (for´niks, -ni-sis, -ni-sez)

1. [NA] In general, an arch-shaped structure; often the arch-shaped roof (or roof portion) of an anatomical space. 2. [NA] The compact, white fiber bundle by which the hippocampus of each cerebral hemisphere projects to the contralateral hippocampus and to the septum, anterior nucleus of the thalamus, and mamillary body. Arising from pyramidal cells of Ammon's horn, the fibers of the f. form the alveus hippocampi and the fimbria hippocampi, and in their further course compose, sequentially, the crus fornicis, body of fornix, commissura fornicis, and column of fornix; the f. fibers to the septum issue from the upper part of the column of fornix, passing in part anterior to the anterior commissure as the precommissural f., while all others follow the compact postcommissural f. bundle to the anterior thalamic nucleus and mamillary body.trigonum cerebrale; cerebral trigone; [L. arch, vault]
f. conjuncti´vae [NA] conjunctival f
conjunctival f. the space formed by the junction of the bulbar and palpebral portions of the conjunctiva, that of the upper lid being the f. conjunctivae superior and that of the lower lid the f. conjunctivae inferior.f. conjunctivae [NA], conjunctival cul-de-sac, retrotarsal fold;
f. of the lacrimal sac fornix of the lacrimal sac; the upper, blind end of the lacrimal sac that extends above the openings of the lacrimal canaliculi.f. sacci lacrimalis [NA] ;
pharyngeal f. the non-muscular upper end of the nasopharynx where the pharyngeal mucosa is firmly applied to the body of the sphenoid bone and to pharyngobasilar fascia.f. pharyngis [NA] ;
f. pharyn´gis [NA] pharyngeal f
f. sac´ci lacrima´lis [NA] f. of the lacrimal sac
transverse f. commissura fornicis
f. u´teri vaginal f
f. vagi´nae [NA] vaginal f
vaginal f. the recess at the vault of the vagina; it is divided into an anterior part, posterior part, and lateral part with respect to its relation to the cervix of the uterus. The posterior part is clinically significant as the site for culdocentesis and culdoscopy. The proximity of the ureter (below) and the uterine artery (above) adjacent to the lateral fornix is important clinically.f. vaginae [NA], f. uteri;


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