fossa, gen and pl. fossae (fos´a, fos´e) [NA]

A depression usually more or less longitudinal in shape below the level of the surface of a part. [L. a trench or ditch]
acetabular f. a depressed area in the floor of the acetabulum superior to the acetabular notch.f. acetabuli [NA] ;
f. acetab´uli [NA] acetabular f
adipose fossae subcutaneous spaces containing accumulations of fat in the breast.
amygdaloid f. tonsillar f
anconal f. olecranon f
anterior cranial f. the portion of the internal base of the skull, anterior to the sphenoidal ridges and limbus, in which the frontal lobes of the brain rest.f. cranii anterior [NA], anterior cranial base;
f. anthel´icis [NA] f. of anthelix
f. of anthelix the depression on the medial surface of the auricle that corresponds to the anthelix.f. anthelicis [NA], periconchal sulcus;
articular f. of temporal bone mandibular f
f. axilla´ris [NA] axilla
axillary f. axilla
Bichat's f. pterygopalatine f
Biesiadecki's f. iliacosubfascial f
Broesike's f. parajejunal f
f. cani´na [NA] canine f
canine f. a depression on the anterior surface of the maxilla below the infraorbital foramen and on the lateral side of the canine eminence.f. canina [NA] ;
f. carot´ica carotid triangle
cerebellar f. the large concave impressions on the inner surface of the occipital bone on either side of the foramen magnum and internal occipital crest, housing the cerebellar hemispheres; a part of the posterior cranial f.
Claudius' f. ovarian f
condylar f. a depression behind the condyle of the occipital bone in which the posterior margin of the superior facet of the atlas lies in extension.f. condylaris [NA] ;
f. condyla´ris [NA] condylar f
coronoid f. of humerus a hollow on the anterior surface of the distal end of the humerus, just above the trochlea, in which the coronoid process of the ulna rests when the elbow is flexed.f. coronoidea humeri [NA] ;
f. coronoi´dea humeri [NA] coronoid f. of humerus
f. cra´nii ante´rior [NA] anterior cranial f
f. cra´nii me´dia [NA] middle cranial f
f. cra´nii poste´rior [NA] posterior cranial f
crural f. femoral f
Cruveilhier's f. scaphoid f. (1)
cubital f. the f. in front of the elbow, bounded laterally and medially by the humeral origins of the extensors and flexors of the forearm, respectively, and superiorly by an imaginary line connecting the humeral condyles.f. cubitalis [NA], antecubital space, chelidon, triangle of elbow;
f. cubita´lis [NA] cubital f
digastric f. a hollow on the posterior surface of the base of the mandible, on either side of the median plane, giving attachment to the anterior belly of the digastric muscle.f. digastrica [NA] ;
f. digas´trica [NA] digastric f
digital f. 1. trochanteric f 2. f. of lateral malleolus
f. duc´tus veno´si f. of ductus venosus
f. of ductus venosus a wide groove located posteriorly on the undersurface of the fetal liver between the caudate and left lobes; it lodges the ductus venosus and becomes the fissure of the ligamentum venosum in the adult.f. ductus venosi;
duodenal fossae See inferior duodenal recess, superior duodenal recess.
duodenojejunal f. superior duodenal recess
epigastric f. the slight depression in the midline just inferior to the xiphoid process of the sternum.f. epigastrica, pit of stomach, scrobiculus cordis;
f. epigas´trica epigastric f
femoral f. a depression on the peritoneal surface of the abdominal wall, inferior to the inguinal ligament, corresponding to the situation of the femoral ring.crural f., fovea femoralis;
floccular f. subarcuate f
gallbladder f. f. for gallbladder
f. for gallbladder a depression on the visceral surface of the liver anteriorly, between the quadrate and the right lobes, lodging the gallbladder.f. vesicae biliaris [felleae] [NA], gallbladder f;
Gerdy's hyoid f. carotid triangle
f. glan´dulae lacrima´lis [NA] lacrimal f
glenoid f. 1. the hollow in the head of the scapula that receives the head of the humerus to make the shoulder joint; 2. mandibular f
greater supraclavicular f. supraclavicular triangle
Gruber-Landzert f. inferior duodenal recess
f. of helix scapha (1)
hyaloid f. a depression on the anterior surface of the vitreous body in which lies the lens.f. hyaloidea [NA], lenticular f., patellar f. of vitreous;
f. hyaloi´dea [NA] hyaloid f
hypophysial f. f. of the sphenoid bone housing the pituitary gland. See also sella turcica.f. hypophysialis [NA], pituitary f;
f. hypophysia´lis [NA] hypophysial f
iliac f. the smooth inner surface of the ilium above the arcuate line, giving attachment to the iliacus muscle.f. iliaca [NA] ;
f. ili´aca [NA] iliac f
iliacosubfascial f. a peritoneal recess between the psoas muscle and the crest of the ilium.Biesiadecki's f., f. iliacosubfascialis;
f. iliacosubfascia´lis iliacosubfascial f
iliopectineal f. a hollow between the iliopsoas and pectineus muscles in the center of the femoral triangle, lodging the femoral vessels and nerve.
f. incisi´va [NA] incisive f
incisive f. the depression in the midline of the bony palate behind the central incisors into which the incisive canals open.f. incisiva [NA] ;
incudal f. f. incudis
f. incu´dis [NA] a small depression in the lower and posterior part of the epitympanic recess that lodges the short limb of the incus.f. for incus, incudal f;
f. for incus f. incudis
inferior duodenal f. inferior duodenal recess
infraclavicular f. a triangular depression bounded by the clavicle and the adjacent borders of the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles.f. infraclavicularis [NA], deltoideopectoral triangle, deltoideopectoral trigone, infraclavicular triangle, Mohrenheim's f., Mohrenheim's space, regio infraclavicularis, trigonum deltoideopectorale;
f. infraclavicula´ris [NA] infraclavicular f
infraduodenal f. retroduodenal recess
f. infraspina´ta [NA] infraspinous f
infraspinous f. the hollow on the dorsal aspect of the scapula inferior to the spine, giving attachment chiefly to the infraspinatus muscle.f. infraspinata [NA] ;
infratemporal f. the cavity on the side of the skull bounded laterally by the zygomatic arch and ramus of the mandible, medially by the lateral pterygoid plate, anteriorly by the zygomatic process of the maxilla, posteriorly by the articular tubercle of the temporal bone and the posterior border of the lateral pterygoid plate, and above by the squama of the temporal bone and the infratemporal crest on the greater wing of the sphenoid bone.f. infratemporalis [NA], zygomatic f;
f. infratempora´lis [NA] infratemporal f
inguinal f. See lateral inguinal f., medial inguinal f.
f. inguina´lis latera´lis [NA] lateral inguinal f
f. inguina´lis media´lis [NA] medial inguinal f
f. innomina´ta innominate f
innominate f. a shallow depression between the false vocal cord and the aryepiglottic fold on either side.f. innominata;
intercondylar f. the deep f. between the femoral condyles in which the cruciate ligaments are attached.f. intercondylaris [NA], intercondyloid f. (2), intercondylic f., intercondyloid notch, popliteal notch;
f. intercondyla´ris [NA] intercondylar f
intercondyloid f. , intercondylic f. 1. See area intercondylaris anterior tibiae, area intercondylaris posterior tibiae. 2. intercondylar f
f. intermesocol´ica transver´sa a f. occupying the position of the superior duodenal recess but extending transversely from right to left for a few cms.
interpeduncular f. deep depression on the inferior surface of the mesencephalon, between the crura cerebri, the floor of which is formed by the posterior perforated substance. See interpeduncular cistern.f. interpeduncularis [NA] ;
f. interpeduncula´ris [NA] interpeduncular f
intrabulbar f. the dilated commencement of the spongy part of the male urethra lying within the bulb of the penis.
ischioanal f. ischiorectal f
ischiorectal f. a wedge-shaped space with its base toward the perineum and lying between the tuberosity of the ischium and the obturator internus muscle laterally and the external anal sphincter and the levator ani muscle medially.f. ischiorectalis [NA], ischioanal f., Velpeau's f;
f. ischiorecta´lis [NA] ischiorectal f
Jobert de Lamballe's f. the hollow just above the knee formed by the adductor magnus and the sartorius and gracilis.
Jonnesco's f. superior duodenal recess
jugular f. an oval depression near the posterior border of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, medial to the styloid process, in which lies the beginning of the internal jugular vein (jugular bulb);f. jugularis;
f. jugula´ris jugular f
lacrimal f. a hollow in the orbital plate of the frontal bone, formed by the overhanging margin and zygomatic process, lodging the lacrimal gland.f. glandulae lacrimalis [NA], f. of lacrimal gland;
f. of lacrimal gland lacrimal f
f. of lacrimal sac a f. formed by the lacrimal bone and the frontal process of the maxilla, lodging the lacrimal sac.f. sacci lacrimalis [NA] ;
Landzert's f. a f. formed by two peritoneal folds, enclosing the left colic artery and the inferior mesenteric vein, respectively, at the side of the duodenum; it is smaller than the paraduodenal recess which is sometimes found in the same region.
lateral f. of brain lateral cerebral f
lateral cerebral f. the deep depression of the basal surface of the forebrain that corresponds in position to the anterior perforated substance. Bounded medially by the optic tract and rostrally by the orbital surface of the frontal lobe, it extends laterally around the overhanging pole of the temporal lobe into the Sylvian fissure (sulcus lateralis).f. lateralis cerebri [NA], f. of Sylvius, lateral f. of brain, vallecula sylvii;
lateral inguinal f. a depression on the peritoneal surface of the anterior abdominal wall lateral to the ridge formed by the inferior epigastric artery; it corresponds to the position of the deep inguinal ring, and is the site of an indirect inguinal hernia.f. inguinalis lateralis [NA] ;
f. latera´lis cer´ebri [NA] lateral cerebral f
f. of lateral malleolus a large rough depression on the medial aspect of the lower end of the fibula just behind the articular facet for the talus giving attachment to the posterior talofibular and the transverse tibiofibular ligaments.f. malleoli lateralis [NA], digital f. (2), f. malleoli fibulae;
lenticular f. hyaloid f
lesser supraclavicular f. a triangular space between the two heads of origin of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.f. supraclavicularis minor [NA] ;
little f. of the cochlear window fossula fenestrae cochleae
little f. of the vestibular window , little f. of the vestibular round window fossula fenestrae vestibuli
Malgaigne's f. carotid triangle
f. malle´oli fib´ulae f. of lateral malleolus
f. malle´oli latera´lis [NA] f. of lateral malleolus
mandibular f. a deep hollow in the squamous portion of the temporal bone at the root of the zygoma, in which rests the condyle of the mandible.cavitas glenoidalis [NA], f. mandibularis [NA], articular f. of temporal bone, glenoid cavity, glenoid f. (2), glenoid surface;
f. mandibula´ris [NA] mandibular f
mastoid f. , f. mastoi´dea suprameatal pit
medial inguinal f. a depression on the peritoneal surface of the anterior abdominal wall between the ridges formed by the inferior epigastric artery and the medial umbilical ligament; it corresponds to the position of the superficial inguinal ring and is the site of a direct inguinal hernia.f. inguinalis medialis [NA], fovea inguinalis interna;
Merkel's f. a groove in the posterolateral wall of the vestibule of the larynx between the corniculate and cuneiform cartilages.
mesentericoparietal f. parajejunal f
middle cranial f. a butterfly-shaped portion of the internal base of the skull posterior to the sphenoidal ridges and limbus and anterior to the crests of the petrous part of the temporal bones and dorsum sellae; it lodges the temporal lobes of the brain in the lateral portions, and the hypophysis centrally.f. cranii media [NA] ;
Mohrenheim's f. infraclavicular f
Morgagni's f. navicular f. of urethra
mylohyoid f. mylohyoid groove
f. navicula´ris auric´ulae triangular f
f. navicula´ris au´ris outmoded term for scapha (1) .
f. navicula´ris Cruveil´hier scaphoid f. (1)
f. navicula´ris ure´thrae [NA] navicular f. of urethra
f. navicula´ris vestib´ulae vagi´nae f. of vestibule of vagina
navicular f. of urethra the terminal dilated portion of the urethra in the glans penis.f. navicularis urethrae [NA], f. terminalis urethrae, Morgagni's f., Morgagni's fovea;
f. olecra´ni [NA] olecranon f
olecranon f. a hollow on the dorsum of the distal end of the humerus, just above the trochlea, in which the olecranon process of the ulna rests when the elbow is extended.f. olecrani [NA], anconal f;
oval f. See f. ovalis.
f. ova´lis 1. [NA], an oval depression on the lower part of the septum of the right atrium; it is a vestige of the foramen ovale, and its floor corresponds to the septum primum of the fetal heart; 2. saphenous opening
ovarian f. a depression in the parietal peritoneum of the pelvis; it is bounded in front by the obliterated umbilical artery, and behind by the ureter and the uterine vessels; it lodges the ovary.f. ovarica [NA], Claudius' f;
f. ova´rica [NA] ovarian f
paraduodenal f. paraduodenal recess
parajejunal f. a peritoneal f. that has been seen in a few cases in which the jejunum has no mesentery but is attached to the posterior parietal peritoneum; the f. begins at the point where the mesentery ends, and is seen on raising up the knuckle of free intestine.Broesike's f., f. parajejunalis, mesentericoparietal f., mesentericoparietal recess;
f. parajejuna´lis parajejunal f
pararectal f. a peritoneal depression on either side of the rectum formed by peritoneal (sacrogenital) folds passing from the posterolateral pelvic wall to the central pelvic viscera. The f. is a lateral extension of the male rectovesical pouch or the female rectouterine pouch.pararectal pouch;
paravesical f. a peritoneal depression formed by the reflection of the peritoneum from the lateral pelvic wall onto the roof of the bladder; in the female, it is the lateral portion of the uterovesical pouch, separated from the pararectal pouch by the broad ligament.f. paravesicalis [NA], paracystic pouch, paravesical pouch;
f. paravesica´lis [NA] paravesical f
patellar f. of vitreous hyaloid f
peritoneal fossae depressions or pouches formed between various peritoneal folds; they may be the sites of internal hernias.
petrosal f. petrosal fossula
piriform f. a recess in the anterolateral wall of the nasopharynx on each side of the vestible of the larynx separated from it by the aryepiglottic folds.recessus piriformis [NA], piriform recess, piriform sinus;
pituitary f. hypophysial f
f. poplit´ea [NA] popliteal f
popliteal f. the diamond-shaped space posterior to the knee joint bounded superficially by the diverging biceps femoris and semimembranosus muscles above and inferiorly by the two heads of the gastrocnemius muscle; deeply, the f. is bound superiorly by the diverging supracondylar lines of the femur and the soleal line of the tibia inferiorly. Contents: tibial nerve, popliteal artery, vein, fat.f. poplitea [NA], poples [NA], ham (1), popliteal region, popliteal space, popliteus (2) ;
posterior cranial f. the internal base of the skull posterior to the crest of the petrous part of the temporal bones and the dorsum sellae and anterior to the grooves for the transverse sinuses, where the cerebellum, pons, and medulla oblongata rest.f. cranii posterior [NA] ;
f. provesica´lis Hartmann's pouch
pterygoid f. the f. formed by the divergence posteriorly of the plates of the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone; it lodges the origin of medial pterygoid and the tensor palati muscles.f. pterygoidea [NA] ;
f. pterygoi´dea [NA] pterygoid f
pterygomaxillary f. pterygopalatine f
f. pterygopalati´na [NA] pterygopalatine f
pterygopalatine f. sphenomaxillary f., a small pyramidal space, housing the pterygopalatine ganglion, between the pterygoid process, the maxilla, and the palatine bone.f. pterygopalatina [NA], Bichat's f., pterygomaxillary f., sphenomaxillary f;
radial f. of humerus a shallow depression on the anterior aspect of the distal humerus, superior to the capitulum of the humerus and lateral to the coronoid fossa, in which the margin of the head of the radius rests when the elbow is in extreme flexion.f. radialis humeri [NA] ;
f. radia´lis hu´meri [NA] radial f. of humerus
retroduodenal f. retroduodenal recess
retromandibular f. the depression inferior to the auricle and posterior to the ramus and angle of the mandible.f. retromandibularis;
f. retromandibula´ris retromandibular f
retromolar f. a triangular depression in the mandible posterior to the third molar tooth.
rhomboid f. the floor of the fourth ventricle of the brain, formed by the ventricular surface of the rhombencephalon.f. rhomboidea [NA] ;
f. rhomboi´dea [NA] rhomboid f
Rosenmüller's f. pharyngeal recess
f. sac´ci lacrima´lis [NA] f. of lacrimal sac
scaphoid f. a boat-shaped hollow. 1. a longitudinal hollow on the posterior surface of the superior portion (root) of the medial pterygoid plate; it gives origin to the tensor veli palati muscle;f. scaphoidea ossis sphenoidalis [NA], Cruveilhier's f., f. navicularis Cruveilhier, scaphoid f. of sphenoid bone; 2. scapha (1)
f. scaphoid´ea ossis sphenoidalis [NA] scaphoid f. (1)
scaphoid f. of sphenoid bone scaphoid f. (1)
f. scar´pae ma´jor femoral triangle
sigmoid f. groove for sigmoid sinus
sphenomaxillary f. pterygopalatine f
f. subarcua´ta [NA] subarcuate f
subarcuate f. an irregular depression on the posterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone just below its crest and above and lateral to the internal acoustic meatus. In the fetus, the flocculus of the cerebellum rests here; in the adult, a small vein enters the bone here.f. subarcuata [NA], floccular f., hiatus subarcuatus;
subcecal f. an inconstant depression in the peritoneum extending posterior to the cecum.Treitz's f;
subinguinal f. the depression on the anterior surface of the thigh beneath the groin.
sublingual f. a shallow depression on either side of the mental spine, on the inner surface of the body of the mandible, superior to the mylohyoid line, lodging the sublingual gland.fovea sublingualis [NA], sublingual pit;
submandibular f. the depression on the medial surface of the body of the mandible inferior to the mylohyoid line in which the submandibular gland is lodged.fovea submandibularis [NA], f. submandibularis, fovea submaxillaris, submaxillary f;
f. submandibula´ris submandibular f
submaxillary f. submandibular f
subscapular f. the concave ventral aspect of the body of the scapula giving origin to the subscapularis muscle.f. subscapularis [NA] ;
f. subscapula´ris [NA] subscapular f
superior duodenal f. superior duodenal recess
f. supraclavicula´ris ma´jor [NA] supraclavicular triangle
f. supraclavicula´ris mi´nor [NA] lesser supraclavicular f
supramastoid f. suprameatal pit
f. supraspina´ta [NA] supraspinous f
supraspinous f. the hollow on the dorsal aspect of the scapula above the spine, lodging the supraspinatus muscle.f. supraspinata [NA] ;
supratonsillar f. the interval between the palatoglossal and palatopharyngeal arches above the tonsil, most obvious after the tonsil has regressed in the adult.f. supratonsillaris [NA], supratonsillar recess, Tourtual's sinus;
f. supratonsilla´ris [NA] supratonsillar f
supravesical f. the depression on the peritoneal surface of the anterior abdominal wall above the bladder and between the median and medial umbilical folds. Its level, relative to the pubis, changes with filling of the bladder.f. supravesicalis [NA], fovea supravesicalis;
f. supravesica´lis [NA] supravesical f
f. of Sylvius lateral cerebral f
temporal f. the space on the side of the cranium bounded by the temporal lines and terminating below at the level of the zygomatic arch.f. temporalis [NA] ;
f. tempora´lis [NA] temporal f
f. termina´lis ure´thrae navicular f. of urethra
tonsillar f. the depression between the palatoglossal and palatopharyngeal arches occupied by the palatine tonsil.f. tonsillaris [NA], amygdaloid f., sinus tonsillaris;
f. tonsilla´ris [NA] tonsillar f
Treitz's f. subcecal f
triangular f. the depression at the upper part of the auricle between the two crura of the anthelix.f. triangularis [NA], f. navicularis auriculae;
f. triangula´ris [NA] triangular f
trochanteric f. a depression at the root of the neck of the femur beneath the curved tip of the great trochanter; it gives attachment to the tendon of the obturator externus.f. trochanterica [NA], digital f. (1) ;
f. trochanter´ica [NA] trochanteric f
trochlear f. trochlear fovea
f. trochlea´ris trochlear fovea
umbilical f. fissure of round ligament of liver
Velpeau's f. ischiorectal f
f. ve´nae ca´vae groove for inferior venae cava
f. ve´nae umbilica´lis fissure of round ligament of liver
f. veno´sa paraduodenal recess
vermian f. a small depression near the lower part of the internal occipital crest which lodges part of the inferior vermis of the cerebellum.
f. vesi´cae bilia´ris [fel´leae] [NA] f. for gallbladder
vestibular f. f. of vestibule of vagina
f. of vestibule of vagina the portion of the vestibule of the vagina between the frenulum of the labia minora and the posterior labial commissure of the vulva.f. vestibuli vaginae [NA], f. navicularis vestibulae vaginae, vestibular f;
f. vestib´uli vagi´nae [NA] f. of vestibule of vagina
Waldeyer's fossae See inferior duodenal recess, superior duodenal recess.
zygomatic f. infratemporal f


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