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fovea, pl. foveae (fo´ve-a, fo´ve-e) [NA]

A relatively small cup-shaped depression or pit. [L. a pit]
f. ante´rior superior f
anterior f. superior f
f. articula´ris cap´itis ra´dii [NA] f. of the radial head
f. articula´ris infe´rior atlan´tis inferior articular facet of atlas
f. articula´ris supe´rior atlan´tis superior articular facet of atlas
f. cap´itis os´sis fem´oris [NA] f. of the femoral head
f. cardi´aca anterior intestinal portal; the opening of the foregut into the midgut. See also epigastric fossa.anterior intestinal portal;
f. centra´lis ret´inae [NA] central retinal f
central retinal f. a depression in the center of the macula retinae containing only cones and lacking blood vessels.f. centralis retinae [NA], central pit;
f. coc´cygis it marks the site where the embryonic spinal cord attaches to the skin.postnatal pit of the newborn;
f. costa´lis infe´rior [NA] inferior costal facet
f. costa´lis proces´sus transver´si [NA] transverse costal facet
f. costa´lis supe´rior [NA] superior costal facet
f. den´tis atlan´tis [NA] facet of atlas for dens
f. ellip´tica elliptical recess
f. ethmoida´lis the roof of the ethmoid air cells.
f. of the femoral head a depression on the extremity of the head of the femur giving attachment to the ligamentum teres femoris.f. capitis ossis femoris [NA], pit of head of femur;
f. femora´lis femoral fossa
f. hemiellip´tica elliptical recess
f. hemisphe´rica spherical recess
f. infe´rior [NA] inferior f
inferior f. a small depression in the limiting sulcus of the rhomboidal fossa below the medullary striae of either side, generally lateral to the hypoglossal and vagal trigones.f. inferior [NA] ;
f. inguina´lis inter´na medial inguinal fossa
Morgagni's f. navicular fossa of urethra
f. oblon´ga cartilag´inis arytenoid´eae [NA] oblong f. of arytenoid cartilage
oblong f. of arytenoid cartilage a broad shallow depression on the anterolateral surface of the arytenoid cartilage, for attachment of the thyroarytenoid muscle.f. oblonga cartilaginis arytenoideae [NA], oblong pit of arytenoid cartilage;
pterygoid f. a depression on the antero-medial side of the neck of the condylar process of the mandible, giving attachment to the lateral pterygoid muscle.f. pterygoidea [NA], pterygoid depression, pterygoid pit;
f. pterygoid´ea [NA] pterygoid f
f. of the radial head the depression on the top (superior surface) of the head of the radius for articulation with the capitulum of the humerus.f. articularis capitis radii [NA], articular pit of head of radius;
f. sphe´rica spherical recess
f. sublingua´lis [NA] sublingual fossa
f. submandibula´ris [NA] submandibular fossa
f. submaxilla´ris submandibular fossa
f. supe´rior [NA] superior f
superior f. a slight depression in the limiting sulcus on either side of the rhomboidal fossa, above the medullary striae and lateral to the facial colliculus.f. superior [NA], anterior f., f. anterior;
f. supravesica´lis supravesical fossa
triangular f. of arytenoid cartilage a deep depression in the upper portion of the anterolateral surface of the arytenoid cartilage, lodging glands.f. triangularis cartilaginis arytenoideae [NA], triangular pit of arytenoid cartilage;
f. triangula´ris cartilag´inis arytenoid´eae [NA] triangular f. of arytenoid cartilage
trochlear f. a shallow depression in the roof of the orbit close to the medial margin to which is attached the pulley for the superior oblique tendon.f. trochlearis [NA], fossa trochlearis, trochlear fossa, trochlear pit;
f. trochlea´ris [NA] trochlear f


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