alveolus , gen and pl. alveoli (al-ve´o-lus, -o-lI) [NA]

A small cell, cavity, or socket. 1. pulmonary a 2. One of the terminal secretory portions of an alveolar or racemose gland. 3. One of the honeycomb pits in the wall of the stomach. 4. tooth socket [L. dim. of alveus, trough, hollow sac, cavity]
a. dentalis , pl. alveoli dentales [NA] tooth socket
pulmonary a. one of the thin-walled saclike terminal dilations of the respiratory bronchioles, alveolar ducts, and alveolar sacs across which gas exchange occurs between alveolar air and the pulmonary capillaries.alveoli pulmonis [NA] , alveolus (1) [NA] , air cells (1) , air vesicles, bronchic cells;
alveoli pulmo´nis [NA] pulmonary a


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