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geniculum, pl. genicula (je-nik´yu-lum, -la)

1. [NA] A small genu or angular kneelike structure. 2. A knotlike structure. [L. dim. of genu, knee]
g. cana´lis facia´lis [NA] g. of facial canal
g. of facial canal the bend in the facial canal linking the medial and lateral crura of the horizontal port of the canal and corresponding to the location of the geniculate ganglion of the facial nerve.g. canalis facialis [NA] ;
g. of facial nerve 1. a rectangular bend of the facial nerve in the facial canal where it turns posterior in the medial wall of the middle ear (external g.); 2. complex loop of facial nerve fibers around the abducens nucleus (internal g.).g. nervi facialis [NA] ;
g. ner´vi facia´lis [NA] g. of facial nerve


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