girdle (ger´dl)

A belt; a zone. A structure that has the form of a belt or girdle.cingulum (1) [NA] ; [A.S. gyrdel]
Hitzig's g. tabetic cuirass
Neptune's g. a wet pack applied around the abdomen.
pectoral g. shoulder g
pelvic g. the bony ring formed by the hip bones and the sacrum, to which the lower limbs are attached.cingulum membri inferioris [NA] ;
shoulder g. the bony ring, incomplete behind, that serves for the attachment and support of the upper limbs. It is formed by the manubrium sterni, the clavicles, and the scapulae.cingulum membri superioris [NA], pectoral g., thoracic g;
thoracic g. shoulder g


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